Fight the bloated Belly

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But even though this may be common it doesn’t have to be taken as unavoidable and there are easy steps you can take to change this symptom. One of the most common causes of bloated stomach is the food you ingest along the day, changing some of the ingredients you consume can easily reduce or completely prevent the bloating.

But life is not worth living without some tasty pleasures so we’ve got just the right replacements to keep you enjoying your food and drink without the side effects.

Carbon hydrates

Starchy carbs, like what you find in white flour, white bread, biscuits or cake, is probably one of the biggest culprits. When being broken-down they produce gas that accumulates in the large intestine and they also promote water retention that can also lead to bloating. These two factors combined make it a good idea to replace these ingredients with healthier alternatives (and with less calories). Rice, especially brown rice, or dark flours are great food swaps to consider.


Sodium is one of the worst health threats and it’s highly responsible for water retention. The most dangerous thing in this specific ingredient is that it can come in disguise in foods you don’t find salty to begin with. Pretty much all processed foods are high in sodium and if you appreciate a good scare just check some your food labels. So the best choice is to reduce or eliminate processed foods from your daily meals and snacks. When preparing your own food chose fresh or dry herbs like basil or rosemary (very tummy friendly). Spices can be irritants and a more mild suggestion for seasoning would be dry fruits or, if for salad dressing a plain, non-fat, yogurt mixed with a little lemon juice.

Yogurt is perfect for beating bloating, thanks to its wonderful active cultures properties, which increase good bacteria in your digestive system, making for better digestion and preventing bloating.

Carbonated Drinks

Carbon dioxide gets trapped in the bubbles and these go on to create gas in the stomach. Fizzy drinks are on the top of the list along with alcohol and coffee that contain high volumes of acid that can irritate your GI track and cause swelling. Herbal teas or water with aromas are tasty and hydrating alternatives that can keep you refreshed in a healthier fashion.

To prepare flavoured water just pour the pieces of fruit of your choice into a bottle, or keep them whole if you’re using smaller fruits like raspberries or blueberries. You can also mix flavours, fruits and even spices - get creative! The only no-no so far is bananas, as they really don’t work well. If you need a sweetener, try stevia or agave.

That being done, the simplest part is saved for last: you just add water.

Posted in Nutrition