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Consider the example of “Popeye the Sailor Man” and his well-known reliance on spinach. Nowadays nobody believes in blowing up muscles and gaining supernatural powers from just a can of spinach. So what should we do for effective muscle gain?

Many people resort to nutritional supplements. One obvious advantage of taking supplements is speed. But there are also many disadvantages. Among them are, short-term effects, a frequent formation of stretch marks - (result of the rapid stretching of the skin) also the possibility of health problems when improperly calculated doses of proteins or steroids are taken.

Did you know that proteins without the proper exercise actually transform into body fat?

Due to an unbalanced diet, you can gain “flab” instead of perfect muscles, which can then lead to obesity and a high BMI. You can get great support for your diet by cool mobile apps on fitness and nutrition.

The goal in training for volume is to gain optimal muscle mass. The paths that lead to this goal are many, but there is one common rule: you have to exercise comprehensively! This will help you to develop speed, endurance, and strength and as well as stabilize the deep muscle layer. Volume must not be the only priority here!


Whenever you exercise, your muscles build shape and strengthen so your training should be forever evolving and getting more challenging. It is very necessary to know how to train properly. This plays a big role in body sculpting. You need to know when to do it and how to do it. How many repetitions to do. Which load. How you should structure your exercises, etc. Only training custom-made for you by a professional trainer will meet all these requirements. But how can you sculpt and build on muscles alone?

Here Are Some Tips:

  1. Force your body to constantly adapt to a diverse workload for the best results. No matter how good the set is, nothing works forever at the same pace. Challenge yourself constantly.
  1. Load all muscle groups evenly. To gain muscle of the upper body, work also on the bottom half. The body works as a complete package!
  1. Combine the greatest possible muscle tension (5-8 reps) with a longer time (8-15 reps) during workouts
  1. Plan your workouts into an orderly routine. Only consistency, brings results.

As one famous composer said:

"Composing music is not difficult, you just have to know when and what tone to play."

When the volume of training is similar – training itself is simple, the difficult part is knowing what to practice, how and when. Nothing more...


If you have more questions or would like to book a session with a trainer to match weight training according to your needs, book your appointment with a Personal Trainer.

Václav Rázl
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Smíchov, Prague, Czech Republic

Posted in Nutrition