Healthy Baking Tips for Easter and After

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healthy cookie from holmes place

However, while healthy eating is crucial for our well being, you shouldn’t think that you’ll have to eat green salad as your only option during the holiday season. Cookies that are made from healthy ingredients are a smart choice – and they still taste great!

Butter, flour and sugar make perfect and tasty cookies, but you can’t find much nutritional value in such cookies. You should replace the traditional ingredients with whole grains, natural sugars and fats. Even though calorie intake may not be much different, the data on a nutritional label would read much different for sure.

The devil is in… the ingredients.

Below you can find 3 techniques to make healthier cookies:

  1. Instead of using butter or margarine, mix with it with a half-and half ratio with olive oil or coconut oil. For the other half, always try to use butter since is considered healthier than margarine and contains fewer trans-fats. We suggest not replacing butter with oil completely, since it will change the taste. Another option, if it is a fruit cookie/cake, you can replace up to half of the butter with fruit puree like applesauce or pureed pumpkin.
  2. You can replace the all-purpose flour with high-fiber corns and cereals, while reducing the amount of calories. An example would be to replace a portion of it with oats, the cookie texture will vary a little, but it will benefit your immune system. You can also grind oats into flour that will not change the texture as much. Another option is using 100% whole-wheat flour instead, but that will change cookie flavor slightly. You can replace the all-purpose flour with whole-wheat flour, either partially or completely.
  3. Cut sugar amount by one fourth and add some cinnamon, nutmeg or ginger to enhance the flavor. Another good idea is replacing sugar with a puree of overripe fruit like bananas and apples. Overripe fruit tend to get very sweet before you are ready to throw them away. Another option would be adding honey or agave syrup instead sugar.
  4. And our last piece of advice – it is unnecessary to use half a teaspoon of salt, try using as little as ¼ tablespoon of salt for extra healthy cookies.

Posted in Nutrition and tagged Baking, Easter.