Not Enough Time to Eat? A Few Ideas to Help Solve the Problem

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Just eating whatever is available – or whatever you have a craving for - is no solution. The common perception is that healthy eating is time consuming. People simply lack knowledge about quick, healthy and failsafe recipes, they lack of time to eat breakfast, and if they eat out, find it difficult to find a place where the food will be truly healthy.

We can help, below you can find 3 light, tasty and healthy snacks for those who have little time to spare:

Yogurt Fiesta

How to prepare it:
Mix together the following ingredients: 2 parts plain skimmed milk and plain yogurt, 20 gr of crushed walnuts, 1 kiwi and 1/2 banana (all diced)

Why is it good?
Yogurt Fiesta is rich in antioxidant vitamins, calcium and healthy fat. Ideal for mid-morning or tea-time.

Land and Sea Pasta

How to prepare it:
Cook 50 gr of pasta and then add: 50 gr of very finely sliced lettuce, 150 gr of diced white cheese, 1 tin of tuna in its own brine, ½ of a diced avocado and a fistful of prunes.

Why is it good?
An energy-packed dish, rich in fiber, vitamins, calcium and healthy fats, ideal for our body.

Tasty Tomato Salad

How to prepare it:
Dice tomatoes and mozzarella. Chop half an onion very finely and add fresh basil leaves to taste. Mix all the ingredients. For the dressing, add some olive oil, vinegar, and salt.

Why is it good?
Tomatoes are high in important antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin A. They help to ward off age-related diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes.

Give it a try and always be ready for the extra energy intake you may need during the day.

We are what we eat.


Feel free to contact our nutrition specialists with any additional questions you may have.

Dimas Jesús Calle González
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Palacio de Hielo, Spain

Posted in Nutrition