The 4 Worst Weight Loss Advices You Should Ignore

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However, there are a few weight loss myths that just won’t seem to die out, even though they probably should.

1.Get Rid the Carbs

If you’ve bought into the “No Carbs!” myth that’s been going around, there’s no reason to be embarrassed – almost everybody has tried eliminating carbs from their diet in their weight loss efforts. However, nutritionists say, that’s a big no-no!
Carbohydrates play a crucial role in the way that our bodies function. One of the biggest is their part in providing fuel to the brain. Cutting out carbs completely has been shown to have a big effect on mood and memory, so it’s best to stick to a balanced diet or a low-carb diet.

2.Red Meat Should Be Avoided

Many people – even those who push protein-heavy diets for weight loss, will tell you that red meat is best avoided. This is not the case. In fact, small amounts of lean red meat such as extra lean ground beef and sirloin steak can be an incredible source of protein, iron, and zinc, all of which contributes to weight loss in healthy adults.


3.Fat Free Foods Are Safe to Eat

What does “fat-free” mean anyway? Sure, a product may not contain any fats, but high amounts of other things (like sodium and sugar) can be even more dangerous to your weight loss goals. Sugar stimulates your body’s insulin levels, which in turn causes you to gain weight.
Not only will that contribute to weight gain – both now and in the future, it can just as easily lead to life-threatening issues such as diabetes. Check out the nutritional content of all the foods you eat, including fat-free products, to be sure they’re really as safe to eat as they seem.

4.Running, Spinning or Any Other Exercise is Better

Everybody has their favorite form of exercise, whether it’s running or Crossfit, and it often seems like everyone is competing to say that their form of exercise is best for your weight loss goals.
The truth is, no one kind of exercise is best for weight loss, and in fact experts say that mixing up your exercise routine will yield the best long-term results.


And last but not least, remember – no diet (or exercise) regime alone, will help you lose weight. Both are needed for optimal results. Start to change your eating habits now. Get help from our Top 10 healthy diet tips.

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