The Top 5 Ways to Rid Your Diet of Sugar and Why You Should

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Eating a healthier diet will also make it easier to meet your weight loss goals. The following details five key steps to rid your diet of sugar and why each step is important for women's nutrition.

Cut Out Sugary Beverages
Sodas, energy drinks, coffee drinks, sweetened waters and juices contain large quantities of sugar. Many sugary beverages have deceiving serving sizes, which means you're often consuming more calories and sugar than you realize. For example, a standard 12-ounce soda has approximately 150 calories. However, most restaurants, convenience stories, and movie theaters sell sodas in portions with 300-500 calories. Cutting out even one sugary beverage per day contributes significantly to weight loss goals. Seek out sugar free alternatives such as black tea and coffee that will satisfy your taste buds and caffeine cravings.

Cut Down on Processed Foods
Processed food refers to any food product that doesn't look as it would naturally or simply never existed naturally. Many processed foods come in bags, boxes and jars and are filled with chemicals. Processed foods are very addicting because of their high sugar and fat counts. The easiest way to cut down on processed foods is to start eliminating the processed foods you eat everyday. Eating processed food occasionally isn't terrible, but cutting down is an essential part of women's nutrition.

Cut Down on Carbohydrates
Both simple and complex carbohydrates alter your blood sugar in such a way that your weight loss efforts may be compromised. Eating carbohydrates in excess quickly leads to more food cravings, often more carbohydrates or sugary foods. Most people are highly dependent on bread, pasta and rice, which makes it tough to cut out carbohydrates. Focus on one meal at a time, looking for healthy alternatives with lower carbohydrate counts.

Reduce Hidden Sugars
It's easy to add a condiment to a meal without thinking about the amount of sugar it contributes. You may be eating a sugar-free salad or sandwich. However, when you dose it with sugary dressing or sauce, you're right back to where you started. Watch out for foods labeled “no fat,” “low fat,” or “diet.” Many foods with these labels do contain less fat, but in exchange, they contain more sugar. Pay attention to food ingredient lists and look for sensible replacements.

Drink More Water
Sometimes it may seem like your body is requesting sugar when it's actually dehydrated and greatly craving water. If you're craving a specific food, drink a large glass of water and then wait a few minutes. In many instances, the cravings will fade away. Drinking water before meals also helps reduce appetite and assists with weight loss.

When the sugar craving does hit and nothing else will satisfy it, choose a small splurge. Eating a piece of chocolate or a freshly baked cookie alongside fruit or nuts often hits the spot without putting your diet way off track.

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