What does 200 calories look like?

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Even though a calorie is a unit that measures the energy value in food. The truth is, all calories are not equal. When aiming to achieve weight loss, the quality of the calories is far more important than the quantity of the calories consumed. Eating 200 kcals of kidney beans has a very different effect on the body than 200 kcals of Coca Cola. Evidence shows, that some of the calories we consume, can affect how efficiently we burn energy, which is a key part of our body´s ability to lose weight and maintain weight loss.

The quality of the calories that we consume can affect the number of calories that we expend. This video highlights some of these differences, it also will show you how to make healthier dietary choices that will help with a healthy and sustainable weight loss:

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Liz Andrews
Fitness Manager
Holmes Place Europe

Posted in Nutrition