Why is breakfast still the most important meal?

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Numerous scientific studies have shown advantages of having the day's first meal in the morning, but some questions remain about its quantity and quality. Some go as far as to recommend a morning binge of high-calorie treats: pies and cakes. Others favour a balanced but full breakfast, with a minimal share of harmful fats and sugar, according to the famous saying:

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

So, whether it's summer, or winter, begin your day with a great breakfast. Why is it important?

  • an early portion of energy will help you start the day
  • the sooner your digestive system gets to work, the higher its burning rate
  • without breakfast, your mind can take the whole morning to wake up
  • without a morning meal, your body switches to an energy-saving mode – stockpiling
  • eating early prevents craving for large quantities of food later in the day
  • morning meals are a great opportunity for the family to spend time together


It's that simple: pick your favourites and see if you feel the difference – there's plenty of ideas:

  • a simple tomato salad
  • whole wheat bread with fish/meat and vegetables
  • whole wheat pancakes with fruits

Why not try our suggestions for healthy and quick breakfasts with cereals, fruits and nuts? Look for more inspiration and get advice from our experts.

Milena Nosek
Nutrition Coach
Holmes Pace Poland

Posted in Nutrition