Why we often forget lunch?

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What exactly is lunch? It's a light meal between breakfast and dinner, consumed between 10 am and noon. It is an intrinsically Western term. Due to the popularity of corporate-style employment, and the associated “9 to 5” scenario, lunch has evolved into quite a substantial meal, but (oh the irony!) – often overlooked. It is also worth noting that lately lunch has been losing its popular appeal in favour of brunch. This term, in turn, stands for something between late breakfast, usually eaten on weekends, and lunch. So then, which one should we choose, provided we eat out? Why do we skip lunch at work so often?

We don't usually have time to prepare our food the day before to take away to work. Then there's plain old laziness. You need to go shopping, figure out the recipe, cook, pack... The most popular alternative is take away food in restaurants, bars, whose meals don't always meet the basic rules of healthy eating. Also oftentimes we lunch out. This gives us an added bonus, the opportunity to maintain relationships with our colleagues at work, or a perfect occasion for a less formal business meeting.

How can we avoid long gaps between our meals? Below is a list of tips and products that can be bought anywhere and are ready to use in case we have to skip a meal in the middle of the day:

  • always have a secret stash of food in your desk drawer: go for dried fruits, granola bars, unsalted nuts
  • you can eat rice cakes and sesame paste (no sugar added)
  • fresh fruit is always a good idea: eat apples, pears, plums, bananas, grapes – all of them are easy and quick to eat
  • drink yoghurt, kefir, buttermilk (natural flavour)
  • you can also drink oat or almond "milk" in handy cartons

This way, instead of thinking about your hunger and willing it to pass (which it won’t), you will be able focus on your work, while maintaining a healthy level of energy, and who knows, you just might even drop by the gym before returning home! Our nutrition experts will gladly share more quick meal ideas, so that you can enjoy the day to the fullest.

Milena Nosek
Nutrition Specialist
Holmes Place Poland

Posted in Nutrition