5 Apps to Help You “Stay on Track”

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Today, telephone boxes have become somewhat obsolete, a mere decorative element without practical use (perhaps with the exception of the famous red phone boxes in London, an icon of the city). Everything has changed with the popularity of mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. With the arrival of mobile technology, we have not only improved how we communicate; but now we also have the possibility of monitoring our sports progress more thoroughly.

There are many app developers interested in the world of fitness and nutrition. If you have any doubts about which app to use, we have listed a selection of apps that will help you achieve your goals.

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Workout Trainer

This app can be downloaded free for Android and is designed for people with some experience in fitness training. Having this app on your smartphone will help you create and improve your training with new exercises and routines. Helpful options to track your exercises by time (sec., min., hour), by series or repetitions. This app can help you to lose weight, improve your running times, do Pilates and Yoga, cardio, Kettlebell training or even train boot-camp style.

Run Keeper

An application dedicated to outdoor sports such as running, cycling or tracking. Thanks to Run Keeper, you can create your routes or record the completed kilometres, easily with its built-in GPS. You can also see a complete summary of your training session (km, heartbeat, routes, distance covered). There’s also a handy function allowing you to share your training statistics on social media.


A versatile app that is suited for monitoring exercise as well as calculating the calories you want to burn according to the type of exercise performed. Assisting you to becoming more knowledgeable with healthy eating tips. Allowing you to create a daily diet, enabling you to achieve your goals faster.


An app dedicated 100% to indoor exercising. It can be used on the cardio equipment (treadmill, bicycle, elliptical trainer), as well as on strength-building machines. This app has more than 1000 exercise ideas with explanatory videos. In addition, MyWellness enables you to create your own routine after answering a couple of questions that will define your training profile.


This app will help you to maintain a nutritional diet. A Nutritionist, will calculate the IMC (height/ ideal weight) and will monitor your weight every week, to track your evolution. In addition, you will find a wide variety of weekly menus in this application based on the type of diet chosen.

Do you use these great apps already? Find out more inspiring mobile applications to support your training and nutrition on appsolute fitness.

What are your favorite tracking apps that support you while achieving your goals? Let us know your comments below. And for any additional questions and get the most out of the apps, please contact our Personal Trainer.

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