5 Holmes Place fitness classes that will change your year

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Routines are great - but sometimes it’s worth shaking things up and trying something new. Here at Holmes Place, you can guarantee there’ll always be something fresh, exciting and unique on the horizon. So if you’re bored of the same classes, make this the year you book up for something completely different.

Whether you’re floating in the air or on the pool (yes, really), these fun and inspiring workouts may just feature your new favourite exercise you never knew existed:

Balance your body and mind at AntiGravity®

Exercise doesn’t get much more unique than suspending from the ceiling on a silk hammock. But don’t think this is a workout solely reserved for trapeze artists - AntiGravity® is an artistic fitness experience that boasts benefits for everyone. Floating, fine-tuning and fitness-boosting, the aim of AntiGravity® is to nourish your health, agility, mobility, creativity and wellness by combining elements from pilates, yoga, dance and gymnastics. You spend a lot of your time upside-down, so you’ll leave feeling lighter, taller, stronger, bendier, and delightfully surprised at what your body can actually do - it’s much easier than it looks.

Perfect your posture and tone up with Barre & Ballet Flow (soon in Germany)

Longer, leaner physiques are exactly what you’ll take from a barre or ballet flow class. With a mix of stretching exercises both on the floor and a barre, this ballet-inspired workout focuses on isometric strength training mixed with small range-of-motion movements (and lots of reps). Due to its low-impact nature, you won’t stress out your body; instead, you’ll improve your posture, muscle definition and flexibility. Expect weight loss and stress reduction, too - all while looking like a slim, stable ballerina. Dream workout.

Sculpt without stress at FloatFit

This water-based workout is making waves for all the right reasons. Put simply, FloatFit is a traditional bodyweight workout - only you do it on a textured float in the middle of a swimming pool. Thanks to the water resistance and balancing required to stay afloat, your muscles work harder when performing exercises such as squats, planks, mountain climbers and press-ups. But while toning is intensified, there’s less stress on your joints compared to doing the moves on the ground. If you fall, it’s double the fun (and the splash) of toppling over in the gym - plus you get an instant refresher. Win win.

Unleash your inner warrior at BodyCombat

Bit of a sport warrior? BodyCombat is perfect for anyone eager to push their bodies beyond its limits - crunching, lifting, jumping, pressing and pulling your way to a lean, mean figure. Expect 45 minutes of intensive training and hours of feel-good adrenaline post-class. Whether you’re looking to boost your fitness and conditioning levels or aiming for abs of steel, Spartans works the entire body for quick results - so you can look like a sculpted machine in no time.

Dance yourself healthy at BodyJam

Laugh, swirl and slide your way to a slimmer body and healthier mind with this heart-rate-boosting dance class. Improve your aerobic fitness, muscle tone, heart and lung health, and strengthen your bones - all without really feeling like you’re actually exercising, thanks to the fact Euphoria is ridiculously fun. Holmes Place sessions will also help you torch calories, up your balance, and flood your body with feel-good hormones - you’ll be craving the next class!

Felt curious but you’re always on a thight schedule? Don’t you worry, we have the solution for you. Our Xpress Classes were designed to make you get in, get out and get going. They’re fast, fun and effective and are waiting for you here: xpressclasses.holmesplace.com

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