5 ideas for stretching in the office

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Office stretching

If you’re becoming a homo sapien sedan, take a break for some simple stretching exercises. Whilst it doesn’t replace a traditional workout it certainly helps to enliven your joints and improve the condition of the spine.

Preparation: If your chair is on wheels, position it next to a wall to prevent unwanted movement.

1.Shoulders and back

Sit or stand up straight, look ahead, take a deep breath and exhale, then lift and straighten your arms as high as you can. Hold and, alternatively, stretch your shoulders upwards.



Sit back, put your feet on the floor, pull your arms straight ahead, intertwining your hands. Hide your head between your shoulders, bend and push your back while pulling forward with your hands. Then pull the shoulders backwards with your hands intertwined behind the back.



Sit up straight. Turn your head to the left and try to bring the chin to the left shoulder. Hold for a few seconds. Repeat the same exercise by turning the head to the right.



Stretch your arms forward at shoulder level and extend the fingers of your right hand upwards. Hold the fingers with your left hand and gently pull them towards you. The right hand should be kept straight at the elbow. Hold for 30 seconds and change hands.



Sit on a chair with your legs apart. Straighten the right leg and place your heel on the floor. The left leg is bent. Put your hands on your right thigh and lean the torso forward, remembering to keep your back straight. Hold this position for 30 seconds and switch legs.


Working in a sitting position is a big burden for our spine. People who spend several hours a day behind a desk often have pains in the upper back, which weaken the abdominal muscles, and blood circulation in the lower limbs.

To return from work and have the energy and strength for an evening of active leisure, stretch at work several times a day, because your physical well-being guarantees good results.

Posted in Wellness, Medical and tagged Streching, Work.