Active summer vacations (and how to prepare for them)

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Explore another world beneath the sea either by yourself or in a group. You’ll dive into a world of coral reef, vivid colors and amazing creatures - it’s an experience like no-other.

To prepare for the dive you can practice swimming in your local pool to improve your confidence and stroke technique.

Exploring caves, underground tunnels and passages should be always be done with a professional team and the right guidance. This adventure under the surface will offer you physical challenges and award you with views and landscapes you hardly ever get to see.

Pre-holiday, try focusing on strength training with plenty of resistance using gym routines and the right machines. This will be a good aid in supporting yourself and being able to explore all the magic of caves, from the rope descends to the upwards climbs.

Long and vigorous walks that offer you spectacular views are the best challenges for both the mind and body. You’ll find these types of adventures rather rejuvenating.

Selecting a location is the first step. From the most iconic trails to a forest near you, take it to the level you want and uncover nature’s big outdoors with some of our expert trail tips. (link trail article)

For an outdoor activity that balances the more glamourous side of performance with a more peaceful sporting experience, golfing is the solution. This group sport has you surrounded by like-minded people and allows you to enjoy an activity that you don’t get to practice everyday.

With beautiful landscapes and plenty of time to be with your own thoughts, golfing will have you travelling around the world and getting to know the best locations. A full-body workout class or machine circuit can improve your standing resistance and the strength of your swing.

Dedicated cycling routes allow you to travel long distances and there are apps where you can select and plan your journey. This is a fun activity you can do with the whole family and you’ll enjoy the benefit of exercising while exploring nature.

Depending on the route you choose, you will find streams, natural pools to dive in or rock walls for climbing that allow you to further your cycling adventure.

Nothing will get you quite as prepared for the pedaling as an iCycle class at your club.

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