Beauty & the beach: how to get a summer glow

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While achieving sun-kissed skin may be a beauty priority, you do need to be careful not to damage it in the process.

How to get the best tan in the safest way possible? Follow our three step plan:

  1. Protective SPF

Slap on that sunscreen - the higher the SPF, the better. We recommend using 30 or higher, which filters 97% of UVB rays. Don’t forget to top up every few hours, especially if you’re dipping in and out of the water.

  1. What’s your tanning time?

Although you may be a committed sun-worshipper - sitting out all day from sunrise to sunset - your body may disagree. Everyone’s skin reaches a point where it cannot absorb any more tanning pigment (also known as melanin) - usually after two or three hours, so be sure to step into the shade after a while. Besides, sheltering from the sun is no bad thing; it protects your skin from UV intensity and reduces the risk of burning.

  1. Sunny foods

Did you know your body can produce its own SPF? A number of foods have the ability to increase lycopene in the body - from tomatoes to green tea. Plus, dark chocolate is said to naturally protect from sunburn. We don’t need telling twice…

Can’t make it to the beach? There are plenty of alternatives:

Get that sun-kissed look quick as a flash, with a self-tanner. They don’t come better than St Tropez; we love the express mousse, which develops in as little as an hour.

Face mask
Did you know you can get bronzed up in your sleep? You do now. Get your hands on an overnight formula, such as James Read’s Schlafmaske, and it work its magic as you rest. All you need to do is slather the product on before bed, rinse it off in the morning and you’ll be as good as gold.

Need that glow, but in a hurry? Turn to your trusty make up bag. Apply a bronzer (we love Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess Powder) all over your face, making sure to avoid your hairline.

The perfect finish to that bronzed goddess look? Highlighter. Apply a touch of shine to your brow bones and cheekbones. The key is the right product - you’re after something that provides plenty of glow (and absolutely no sparkles). Our counsel? Opt for Nars’ Illuminating Multiple Highlighter.

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