Different Types of massages

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Let's start by asking what do you expect from your massage?

Do you need it simply for enjoyment and relaxation, or would you like to take care of particular symptoms, such as those related to the spine, or get rid of lingering stress-related tensions? Maybe you've just started a weight loss regime and want to reinforce its effects outside the club's gym? Once you've decided on your goals, you're ready for the next step.

When choosing a massage, you should consider its intensity. How much pressure are you comfortable with? Answering this question is necessary – you are the leading expert on your own pain threshold.

Here are some suggestions

Aromatherapy massage
This unique massage is a top choice for those looking for deep relaxation as well as healing – thanks to the use of appropriate essential oils. The fragrance of a few drops of natural, unscented oil, creates a pleasant aura which can cure colds, headaches, lack of concentration, insomnia, fatigue and stress.


Classic massage
The basic massage of manual therapy techniques uses stroking, rubbing, squeezing, kneading, hitting, shaking, vibration and passive movements. All of these techniques work locally to improve your body's overall condition. Depending on the techniques used, classic massage can have a therapeutic, relaxing or stimulating effect.

Hot volcanic stone massage
Performed with special stones of volcanic rock, which, once heated, retain their warmth for a long time. Depending on the needs of the person being massaged, it can have a calming and relaxing effect, or help heal diseases such as arthritis. Recommended especially during the autumn and winter seasons.

Lymphatic drainage
A massage intended to improve the circulation of lymph, blood and elimination of edema. It reinforces healing after mastectomy and lymph node removals, and is helpful in the fight against cellulite. Commonly recommended to those with fluid and mineral supply disorders, it also helps people with swelling limbs.

Massage is not only relaxing, but also extremely beneficial to the body's functioning – take this opportunity to choose the right one for you. Check our services for more options and make the first step to try those different types of massages you always wanted to explore.

Beata Jeziorska
Spa Manager
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Posted in Wellness