Facts and Myths about Aesthetic Medicine

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MYTH: After using Botox, the face is unnaturally stiff and facial expressions are limited.

Botox, is a product used in aesthetic medicine primarily in order to reduce facial wrinkles. However, it does not result in a visible reduction of facial expressions, let alone facial paralysis! The effects of each treatment depends on the experience of the doctor and the amount of acid injected. A doctor's experience in the field, ensures the product's dosage is appropriate to the needs of the patient. Ensuring that facial expressions will always be free and natural. The effects of the botulinum toxin fades after about 6 months. After this period, the treatment may be repeated in order to maintain the effects. Botox, is also used for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and excessive muscle contractions.

MYTH: Lip augmentation gives exaggerated effects.

It is a myth, which also has its source in the excessive use of Botox. In practice, lip enlargement is a procedure which adjusts the amount of lip filler used for each particular patient. Therefore, the risk of exaggerated lips is negligible, providing the surgery is performed by a professional and trusted doctor. A properly executed augmentation surgery will enhance the natural appearance, firmness and beauty of the lips and possibly correct any asymmetries. Lip augmentation also reduces the appearance of wrinkles, giving the effect of radiant rejuvenation.


MYTH: Aesthetic Medicine is for the elderly people.

Aesthetic Medicine has a very wide range of applications– for instance in the treatment of selected problems such as diaphoresis or cellulite and anti-aging. These treatments are also quite suitable for young people. Aesthetic medicine can help patients get rid of their insecurities, regain self-confidence and highlight natural beauty. Simply by ensuring that the skin remains smooth and firm while you age.

MYTH: Aesthetic Medicine treatments are so popular that you can get them in any beauty parlor.

Aesthetic Medicine treatments, as the name suggests, must be performed by a doctor in a sterile medical environment. Implementation of the treatments by a beautician may have negative consequences in terms of the final outcome, and complications are very possible. Botox products used in a treatment, should be carefully selected and tested. When choosing a clinic, you should be guided not by the low price, but by the experience and professionalism of the staff. It guarantees complete satisfaction with the results.

Fact: Modern Aesthetic Medicine does not have to be associated with the use of a needle or scalpel.

Aesthetic Medicine is developed hand in hand with modern technology, so that patients can benefit from both invasive and completely non-invasive treatments. Some aesthetic medicine procedures are indeed associated with injections; however, there's a growing range of non-invasive treatments on the international market, which give very good results without the use of needles. An example of such treatment is, Ulthera – lifting without a scalpel! This procedure is performed by a doctor, using focused ultrasound. As a result, after just one treatment, the skin becomes visibly firmer and more youthful. A treatment called Thermage, works in a similar way, it is used by international stars including Gwyneth Paltrow. Non-invasive treatments are in fact recommended by many stars such as Angelina Jolie and Madonna.

Aesthetic Medicine is an increasingly popular field, developing to suit the clients’ needs. It isn’t dedicated to a specific group of people.


The treatments are suitable for both men and women, and for people of all ages.

Professional treatments can effectively remove many of the problems associated with our body and appearance. Aesthetic Medicine doesn’t have to be invasive - there is a wide range of non-invasive treatments that have pain-free recovery periods. Choosing the right clinic is a key decision, if you want your treatment to be a success. Professional, educated and experienced staff will ensure complete satisfaction of the patient, avoiding exaggerated effects.

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Ask our Spa specialists about possible treatments suited for you and enjoy the long-term results.

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