From yogis to powerlifters: the best gifts for sporty types this Christmas

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christmas gifts

Barbell cufflinks. ‘I love running’ tees. Novelty yoga mugs. People with hobbies may be easy to buy for, but chances are they get the same predictable gifts year in, year out. Steer clear of obvious presents this year and surprise your fitness-loving friends with something different, something memorable - we’ve created a roundup of sporty gifts, whatever their passion:

For your Yogi sister:

Yo!Ga Fit Kit bag, NotOnTheHighStreet

If you’re buying for a yoga buff, chances are they’ve probably already got their mat, block and pants. Not that you can ever get enough of them. Instead, treat them to this eye-popping Yo!Ga Fit Kit bag in all its neon pink glory. With a ‘No Sweat’ gym towel, tropical selection of hair ties and eco-friendly gym bag with inner pocket, it’s a genuinely useful gift for any stylish yoga bunny.

For your bodybuilding colleague:

Skipping rope with carry case, Adidas

Weight-lifters are a special breed. Choices in dumbbells, weights and other equipment are very personal, so splashing out on a new bit of kit may be a risky move. They know what they like, and they probably already have it. Instead, treat them to this nifty Adidas skipping rope with carry case. The rope comes with insertable weighted handles so your shredded friend can personalise their pure, high-intensity cardio fix in between pumping iron.

For your favourite running buddy:

Apple Watch portable charger, CHOETECH

Every runner loves their Apple Watch. For those nomadic long-session runs, the CHOETECH Apple Watch portable charger will go down a treat. Small enough to fit in a pocket but powerful enough to fully charge an Apple Watch twice, all your running pal needs to do is attach it to their keys or throw it in a satchel and hit the ground, charging up when needed. Now all they need is a premium on-the-go coffee maker (next Christmas?).

For your swimming-mad cousin:

Robie Robe

Step away from the nose clips and hand over a unique swimming gift this festive season. Costumes and goggles are risky as you need to know specific sizes, while mouldable ear wax is probably the least desirable present anyone wants to open on Christmas day. Whether you’re buying for a triathlete, wild swimmer or a friend who simply adores AquaFit, a Robie never fails. Put simply, it’s a super-cosy robe-cum-towel that keeps your body covered and protects your modesty while changing after hitting the water. Guaranteed to put a smile on any swimmer’s face.

For your pamper-loving partner:

Real luxury bath and shower drops, NEOM

You can’t put a price on wellness, but these NEOM real luxury bath and shower drops are a good start. It’s doubtful you know anyone whose idea of heaven isn’t a beautiful scented candle. NEOM’s luxurious organic wax is crammed full of lavender, jasmine and Brazilian rosewood, as well as 21 other essential oils to help the one you love de-stress and recharge. With a lengthy burn-time, it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Posted in Wellness, Lifestyle and tagged christmas, gifts, chritsmas inspiration.