Late afternoon Pilates playlist

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Late afternoon Pilates with its quiet music is an interesting addition to Pilates exercises. With the relaxing sounds in the background it's easier to achieve the relaxation you need during your afternoon Pilates workout.

Calming workout music will help you to achieve the necessary calm and gentle deep breathing necessary for a great Pilates experience. For this reason, the songs have quite slow tempo. This playlist gathers pleasant sounds, that soothe the nerves and bring harmony and tranquility into your workout session.

The compilations shown below are ideal for home exercise and will enrich your Pilates training. Here is our selection of songs for a soundtrack suitable for peaceful exercise moment.

After the hot hours of the day are gone and a light summer breeze invites you to relax, get the music playing and indulge in a Pilates class. If you’d like to do it at home, Pilates can offer the perfect blend of exercise and stretching using only your own bodyweight.


It helps to improve posture and balance promoting a higher proprioception (the understanding of your own body in space) and it also helps to reduce stress and decompress the spine.

Breathing deeply at the same time will boost the feeling of relaxation and guide each movement. Transitions and poses are done slowly in a controlled fashion that keeps the necessary tension, promoting toned muscles and increasing the body’s resistance.

Depending on your overall physical condition and the effort invested in the class you can expect to burn an average of 200 to 300 calories in a one-hour class. Get your mat or towel, set the volume and enjoy:

Finish your Pilates workout session in the late afternoon with a well-deserved and comforting cup of tea while you continue to enjoy the therapeutic sounds of our music selection for Pilates.

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