Meet Air Fit

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Meet Air Fit

The Trampoline Class That Will Take You to New Heights!

Air Fit is Holmes Place’s new, fun and energy-filled group class. It’s time to bounce all the way to fitness and wellbeing, with a full-body workout in this high-intensity class. The rhythm of the music and the motivation of the group is guaranteed to keep everyone jumping towards their goals. Be it weight loss, cardio training or just to feel better in your skin, the class has something to offer to everyone.

With everyone on their own individual trampoline, the instructor leads the class, setting challenges and guiding movements.

The child-like feeling of joy as you jump high in the air is one of the many benefits of trampolining, as well as the great workout and the feeling of wellbeing.

A quick 10-minute Air Fit workout is the equivalent of running for half an hour. The high-intensity cardiovascular exercise it provides offers the same results in a shorter period of time.

Jumping will help to kick-start your metabolism, and this in turn will result in higher caloric burn.

Jumping can help improve bone density, as the body responds to the acceleration, deceleration and gravitational pull of trampoline jumping by making your bones stronger. The added benefit is the reduced pressure in bones and joints compared to activities like running or jump squatting.

The unstable surface of the trampoline consistently challenges the body to adjust and adapt, helping you improve your balance.

Not to ‘jump to conclusions’ but this is the perfect class to include both cardio and fun in your workout in equal measure. Find out more about Holmes Place group classes here.

About Holmes Place:
Holmes Place is the largest privately owned premium health club chain in Europe. It has been operating for over 30 years and serves over 270,000 members.
The company has a growing portfolio of over 80 clubs across 9 countries.

The Holmes Place philosophy, “Enjoy the Journey,” represents that health and fitness should be enjoyable component of a balanced lifestyle.

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