Meet the creator of Antigravity in an exclusive interview.

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If there’s any exercise that allows you to experience both flight and freedom, it’s AntiGravity by Christopher Harrison. The partnership with Holmes Place is exactly what was needed to spread its benefits across Europe, from Germany through to Spain and Portugal. Join us and meet the man, dancer, choreographer and entrepreneur behind this amazing concept.

Flying High with Christopher Harrison

Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity as an entertainment company in the early 1990s. While AntiGravity proved highly beneficial for the entertainers who used it nightly, eventually Harrison realised that others could benefit from it as well. So, he developed AntiGravity Yoga and Fitness classes, now available at your Holmes Place Club.

This new generation of suspension fitness mixes standard yoga philosophy and poses with components from calisthenics, Pilates, dance, aerial arts and gymnastics. The fitness method allows you to reap the benefits of yoga without the stress or strain required to complete the same tasks on the floor. The principles of gravity enable participants to experience physical and mental decompression, allowing them to get in shape while having fun.

For yoga novices and anyone who’s unfamiliar with the world of fitness, AntiGravity may seem terrifying, overwhelming or even impossible. While it’s always intimidating walking into a new fitness class for the first time, most people find AntiGravity instructors very approachable, creating a relaxing, friendly environment to try this new fitness technique.

Christopher Harrison, the creator behind AntiGravity, was at Holmes Place Portugal, where we met to learn more about the class that is taking over Europe.

For Harrison, the reason why this class has generated such enthusiasm and buzz is related to the reason that gave birth to it in the first place: it comes from passion.

Would you say Antigravity represents its creator?

I was born with the “gift to flip.” I have been following my bliss and pursuing my passion my whole life. AntiGravity is an expression of that passion.

The Hammock is the fluid and resistant fabric that supports the entire workout. What does the Hammock allow that can’t be found in other fitness activities?

The exercises done with the help of the Christopher Harrison Hammock offer a deep massage, elongating and strengthening the muscles and at the end of each class, the Hammock becomes a cocoon that embraces the body. These natural AntiGravity features made it easy to associate its challenges with more traditional asanas and meditative states of the discipline of yoga and all its known benefits. And these can be found not only during practice, where you’ll experience back pain relief, full decompression and free-moving joints and articulations.

What is the main benefit one can get from Antigravity?

Everyone leaves feeling lighter — it’s our guarantee. Once the body’s systems are refreshed, neurotransmitters are released from the brain and combat depression. Muscle cells grow and lengthen, joints are hydrated and everyone has at least one good laugh. People get a great overall workout and centre their mind. You’ll also be taller as our spines contract and expand up to ¾ of an inch per day.

And it is not only physically beneficial…

We can’t forget the fun factor! Why suffer through tedious reps when you can have the same or better results while playfully exploring new movements swinging in a hammock?

Be inspired.

Posted in Wellness, Fitness and tagged Antigravity, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness.