Special Interview Julianne Moore

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Your new movie is called „Wonderstruck“. When you are wonderstruck in real life?

When I see people do extraordinary things and I think: How did they do that? I was thinking about people who could sculpt the other day. Because they not only you have to conceive something with sculpture but you actually have to physically manifest it and you realize that somebody has spent literally hours and hours making something, making some massive piece. And I am literally wonderstruck because I’m wondering how they did that. Sometimes when things are mysterious to us– the thing that we do, you just do one, two, three and it’s done. But something that is outside of your abilities or your world and it’s mysterious, it’s amazing.

About beauty and glamour

How big is the part of you dressing up in glamorous robes in your life?

It’s very small. It depends on what time of the year it is. If it’s Cannes, it’s going to be 100 per cent of that week. There is going to be dressing up and all this kind of business. But in terms of my actual life, no. I live in NYC, I take the subway, I go on meetings, I meet my friends, I go to Yoga, it’s all very regular when I am not shooting a movie, my life is very quiet.

You’re a beauty icon. Can you recall the first time someone called you beautiful?

It was when I was in a play. I was in the ninth grade. I had the lead in a play and my parents told me – you look pretty, they both said I looked really pretty. It made an impression on me clearly.

And a member of the other sex?

I don’t remember. Isn’t that crazy? I had a boyfriend in the fifth grade that always made me feel very pretty. He’d write me notes. But I don’t think he said I was pretty. He just told me he loved me. But that’s more important.

Is it important for someone who is in love to tell the other that he or she is beautiful?

Yeah. I think so. Everybody wants to hear that. It is interesting what you know about your partner or your loved one, that you do think that they are the most magnificent looking person in the world. And you continue to do that. That’s how you see your loved ones. It is important to tell them.

And you are being told constantly?


About family

Do you give your daughter beauty tips?

I try. I really, really try. It’s hard with 15-year-olds. The one thing that I always tell her not to do, is pluck her eyebrows, because she has beautiful eyebrows and I don’t want her to destroy them. I tell her to wear sunscreen every day, she’ll do it in the summertime. Both of my kids are very good about sunscreen in the summertime, but not so good in the winter. With her, I am always like, you don’t need any make-up. Your skin is fantastic. She asked me a couple of times with make-up, but more when she was younger. When you get older...

Do you have to bolster her self-confidence with regards to looks?

I try to. But I also try to talk about how capable she is and how hard she works. That as well. But I will say, oh you look so pretty today, I like that outfit. And she does the same thing for me. When you have a teenager saying, I like your outfit mom, you feel like you are onto something. But it’s back to the thing why not tell people that you love that they look good. Why not bolster their self-confidence?

About quietude

When do you feel calm and centered and rested?

My husband and I have a house at the beach. When I got out there, I don’t know that I am exhausted, but then I go out there and I sleep for 12 hours. He always says I have been clubbed. I go to bed and 12 hours later I stagger out of bed; I’m like ‚what time is it?’ So I’m just out there and for some reason – it feels far enough away, the house is very, very small, so there is very little to do to maintain it. My kids are bigger, so I don’t have to get up early anymore. It’s just the dogs. Out there, I feel very, very relaxed.

Do you often reach that stage of exhaustion?

Not that often, but I am busy. I feel I am always busy and always working. Especially if I am doing a job, and I am at home and do stuff at the house and work on a script, I won’t know how tired I am.

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