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In our daily life, as part of the emotional spectrum, we may find ourselves spinning out of control because of the power of our emotions. Sadness and anger are examples of such strong emotions that are in fact here to protect our systems. Yet, if they are out of control and our system is out of balance, they will surely spin or ‘drag’ us with them.

Our hectic and busy lifestyles encourage such emotions quite often. A few simple practices can help us regain our balance allowing the emotional process to take place, but also to come to a closure rather than prolong the stress it beyond what is truly healthy. Different cultures around the world offer similar tips in such instances. For example, you might have experienced situations of anger when which a well - wisher suggested, ‘have a glass of water’ or ‘take a cold shower’. As outdated or simplified of suggestions as these seem, they are actually extremely practical and affective. This is a timely remedy that helps you take a moment, ‘cool down’ and zoom out.

If one wishes to gradually bring the system into balance and make more of a deep-rooted change while refining the ability to take a moment and zoom out, as a first step, a simple practice can be adopted:

The secret to success is not the exercise itself but the repetition and continued practice of focus and observation. Just like our emotions keep reappearing, our ability to zoom out and look at them should also reappear.


A practical exercise would be to sit comfortably on a chair for a period of 2 - 3 minutes while concentrating on our breath. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale slowly through the nose with no effort. If possible set a timer for you to be sure that you can completely let go and concentrate on your breath within this time.

This type of exercise will gradually strengthen your system and will remind it that every emotional process is time-bound and that things can come back into balance faster than we sometimes think or feel possible.

Take a moment now, and try it out, remember to keep it simple! For more relaxation ideas on a different level to calm your body and mind, see our SPA programs to choose your favorite way to zoom out.

Lior Perry
Mind & Body Master
Holmes Place Portugal

Posted in Wellness