Three Pressure Points that Relieve Stress and How to Use Them

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The Scalp

The majority of the stress you accumulate during an average day at work builds in the shoulders and neck muscles. Applying pressure to points in this region of the body goes a long way toward relieving this stress. Place both sets of fingers on your forehead, letting them touch each other in the middle of your head with your thumbs resting on your temple. Apply light but firm pressure on the forehead. Slowly shift your fingers toward your hairline, applying pressure each time. Once you've reached the base of your skull, move back to the forehead again. If you don't have time for the full routine, use two fingers to massage the point where the neck and skull meet for about 20 seconds.

The Ear

The ear pressure point is referred to as Shen Men or The Spirit Gate. Some experts believe it's the single best point in the body for relieving stress. In reflexology sessions, the ear pressure point is used to decrease pain and inflammation throughout the body. Take a cotton ball, a pen, or your fingers to massage just above the opening to the ear canal, taking slow deep breaths as you massage. When you inhale, look to the left, and when you exhale, look to the right. Pay attention to how your body feels as it begins to calm down. If your body responds well to ear pressure point massages, repeat the ear massage routine nightly just before going to sleep.

The Chest

When you're stressed, you often take short, shallow breaths or you forget to breathe altogether. Targeting the breastbone helps decrease stress that builds in the chest while reminding the body to start taking normal breaths again. Use three fingers to massage the breastbone, applying ample pressure to connect with the soreness or tightness. You can also opt to use one finger to tap the area rhythmically while taking deep breaths. You may need to massage the area for a full two of three minutes to experience its full effects. If you suffer from chronic stress, consider massaging the breastbone pressure point and the pressure point between your eyebrows simultaneously.

The connection between the two points is key for relaxing the nervous system and great for women's health.

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Posted in Wellness