Types of Membership

Why do I need to join in the short or long term?
Holmes Place is a membership club. We believe that by creating the habit of training several times a week, our members will become more familiar with healthy living. And that will ensure long-term benefits. A change in lifestyle is a process. Otherwise, a particular goal may be ineffective and short run. In addition, we know that our members feel more secure and comfortable with family members around them.
Can I try out the club before joining?
We offer this as an option as we recognise the importance of experiencing our products and services before committing to a membership. Contact one of our consultants to arrange an initial meeting and you can benefit from using our facilities on that same occasion
Can I invite a friend to test the club?
Yes, we know how important it is to enjoy your time while doing exercise. Training with people you know is a great source of motivation. It can increase the chances of exercise becoming a healthy habit and ultimately a lifestyle choice. For this reason we regularly organise special offers for you to invite friends, loved ones or colleagues to try the gym. You can speak to one of our consultants who will then contact the person of choice to arrange a club visit and a training session. Please note that this type of invitation is valid once every 6 months.
Can I choose a membership that gives me access to all Holmes Place clubs?
Yes, this option is available to you. Contact a membership consultant at one of our clubs to learn more about the regional and worldwide club membership.
Is there anything that I need to bring on the day that I join?
We only require the basic documents to get you started i.e. proof of identity (identity card or passport) and proof of bank account details (bank statement or example of an electronic payment). If you are part of a company that has an agreement with the club in question, you are also required to bring a corporate ID as well.

In The Gym

What is a Welcome Session?
A Welcome Session is a 60 min meeting with a personal trainer. During the meeting the trainer will carry out a health check followed by a Personal Body Assessment (PBA) to test mobility, flexibility, muscular imbalance and joint limitation. You will be asked to perform certain exercises to determine your physical needs and abilities to then map out the most effective fitness journey for you. At the end of the session the personal trainer will give you feedback on the results of the PBA and on how you performed the exercises and will propose tailored solutions to achieve your goals. If you missed your Welcome Session, please ask at reception or talk directly to a personal trainer.
Should I book the Welcome Session or can I ask at the front desk?
Yes you are recommended to book your Welcome Session at the time you join. It is the perfect start to your health and fitness journey. You can do this via reception or directly ask one of our trainers. A welcome session is a 60 minute appointment with a trainer where you will have your mobility and movement assessed and you be requested to do a sequence of key exercises that will help you achieve your goals.
How do I book a personal training session?
All personal training sessions must be arranged in advance to make sure that a trainer is available for you. You can book your session at the club reception or directly with the personal trainer of your choice.
Are there any supporting tools that can help me start training?
All new members have the right to a Welcome Session with a Personal Trainer (bookable in advance). This session includes a health check, a functional assessment and the selection of certain key exercises before a final summary of the results and the presentation of a selection of tailored solutions. Please see the question: What is a Welcome Session? 
What should I wear to the Club?
We advise you to wear light, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Make sure that your choice of clothing does not make the other members uncomfortable. Members must not perform exercise when they are wearing insufficient or inappropriate clothing. For hygiene and safety reasons members should always where shoes.
How can I find my way around the club?
Trainers wearing a red shirt on the gym floor are available to help and support you and answer any questions that you may have during your workout. Trainers wearing a black shirt on the other hand are unavailable for advise and support to members as they are occupied with clients who have invested in the premium service of personal training.

In The Studio

Should I tell the Group Exercise Instructor I'm in the class the first time?
At the beginning of each class our group exercise instructors ask who is there for the first time. They do this so that they can give special attention and advice to the newcomers. It is recommended that you inform the group exercise instructors of any relevant information about your state of health or your physical condition before the class starts. Check the schedule of available classes.
Should I book group classes?
In most of our clubs and for most classes it is not necessary to book to join group classes as we have a vast amount of classes on offer for you to choose from. Please ask at reception to find out more about the class that you are interested in joining.
How frequently does the class schedule change?
We try to make the least changes possible to the class timetable to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for our members. Most changes are related to the number of people attending the classes. You can also expect a few less classes during the holiday season when less members are using the club.
Do I have to register to attend a class?
For most normal classes you do not need to register in advance but you will need to register for special classes such as Floatfit, jumping or special courses or events. For more information please call the reception.


From what age can you use the club?
Due to the law and for safety reasons, the minimum age for our members is 16 years old. However minors can use the club with written permission of the parent or guardian and agreement of the club manager.
Is it possible to rent a locker to keep my belongings in?
Yes, there are long-term lockers available for rent for a set period of time. Please ask at the club reception for more details.