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You have a medical prescription for Reha-Sports? You would like to redeem it at Holmes Place? You are welcome!

Reha Sports

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How can I register?

We recommend to schedule a consultation meeting via phone that introduces you to the club. Please note that the consultation meeting is NOT a sales talk but mandatory by law. Please bring the following things with you to the meeting: the original prescription for Reha-Sports and the authorization of your health insurance (on the prescription or as a separate letter).
MItglied werden?

Do I have to be/become a member?

No, you do not have to be or become a member. As an insured party, the participation in Reha-Sports is for free. However, the legislator explicitly welcomes to foster the progress made during Reha-Sports through the participation in further activities. We hold special offers at preferential rates if you were interested in doing so. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The prescription says “also on the water”. Am I entitled to participate in Acqua-classes?

Unfortunately not. First and foremost, it depends on your individual diagnosis. It will be verified during the consultation meeting if Acqua-classes are an option for you. Moreover, due to our capacities it may happen that you have to wait if you really wanted to do water gymnastics, which could undermine the success of your rehabilitation-process.

Can I come to the Reha-classes whenever I want?

Unfortunately not. The size of the group is mandatory by law and must not be exceeded. Above that, the classes are held by different trainers. To ensure the success of the measures, the trainers have to know the diagnosis of the participants. During the consultation meeting you will be offered different hours. After you choose which fits you best, you will be assigned to a group. In exceptional cases (e.g. change of working hours) it is possible to switch the group on request, if the capacities allow to do so.

Do I have to come regularly?

Yes. Only the regular participation can ensure the success of the process, wherefore you have to participate minimum 4 times per month (8 times if 2 appointments per week). Exceptions are possible (e.g. holidays) but have to be declared in advance. If you miss the class 4 times in a row, the measurement is considered as interrupted and your spot in the class will be given to another patient.

The prescription says 2x per week, but I cannot make it that often. Can I come only once per week?

There must be a reason why your doctor prescribed you 2 classes per week. You do not have to come twice a week, but we recommend you to do so, in order not to jeopardize the success of your rehabilitation.

Can I use the Sauna and Swimming pool after my class?

We absolutely recommend you to do that! Not only do Sauna and swimming have a positive effect on your rehabilitation process, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know the club and all its opportunities. You can purchase a day pass or get a complementary membership to your Reha-class. Please do not hesitate to contact us on the matter. We kindly inform you that in case of illicit use a day pass per day of unlawful use have to be bought in hindsight

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