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Holmes Place offers a combination of fitness and wellness amenities. We are happy to invite you to relax in our wellness areas, enjoy our sauna, take a timeout in our steam bath or whirlpool, or enjoy a nice swim in our pools. These amenities are naturally included in your membership. 


Included in your free access club features, our steam bath gives you the detox and relaxation time you need for the perfect Holmes Place experience.

JACUZZI (not available in all clubs)

Don't let the soreness of your workout take the best of you. The jets and warmth of our Jacuzzi are the ideal solutions to take some time and relax.

Pool (not available in all clubs)

Besides our wonderful and relaxing wellness area, we invite you to swim a few lengths in our pool or just relax.


Treat yourself with a wonderful and relaxing massage or spa treatment whenever you feel like it. Premium professional therapies, right inside your own club will spoil you. Look and feel your best with skincare treatments, body scrubs, cleansing therapies, laser treatments, beauty services and massages.


Premium professional therapies offer a variety of wonderful massages such as Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Lomi Lomi Nui, Lymphatic Drainage, and Classic Massage.


You can treat your face with the following facial treatments: Classic facial treatment or deluxe facial treatment.

Manicure and Pedicure

Treat yourself with a wonderful, relaxing​ and beautiful manicure and pedicure.


Find your inner balance in our clubs. Free yourself from stress and relax. 

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