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Wellness & SPA

Enjoy relaxed moments in the heart of Berlin with wonderful massages (Lomi Lomi Nui, swedish, Hot Stone), body and facial treatments, manicure and pedicure.

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Spa, massages and beauty therapies allow you to bring out your full potential, helping you to relax, look and feel amazing


Premium professional therapies are offering a variety of wonderful massages such as: Swedish Massage, Hot Stone, reflexology, Lomi lomi nui, lymphatic drainage, classic massage.

Body In Shape

You can treat your wonderful body with the following products: Monticelli mud, fruity peel, d-age, body startegist + remodeller, body startegist + mask. 


You can treat your face with the following facial treatments: Classic facial treatments with our wonderful green product "active pureness", deluxe facial treatments with our wonderful green product "active pureness".

Manicure and Pedicure

Treat yourself with a wonderful, relaxing and beautiful manicure and pedicure.


With our waxing treatments you can remove undesirable hair. 


Our team has been carefully chosen for their motivation and inspiration, from their colleagues and especially from our partners. It is your personality and enthusiasm that guide the vision of Holmes Place and make a difference.

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Is the 10k-steps-a-day rule a myth?

Is the "10k steps a day" rule a myth? Time to find out if it works and why this recommendation came to exist.
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What information do fitness trackers collect?

Location, heart rate, calories, steps... What info do fitness trackers collect? Find out and check how that information can help improve your everyday life.
Roncalli Clown

Hereinspaziert zum Roncalli Weihnachtscircus!

Genießen Sie Weihnachten im Roncalli Circus!
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Blue Monday: How to make yourself happy on the saddest day of the year

Feeling the blues on Blue Monday. You’re not the only one. Blue Monday: allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Christmas and New Year have ended, you have more than 300 days to wait for your next festive holiday and you’re now up to your neck in work deadlines. On this gloomy date, we’ve wrapped up some endorphin-inducing ways to turn frowns upside-down.
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Why New Year’s resolutions don't work

Struggling to make your well-intended goals a reality, year after year after year? Here’s what you’re doing wrong - and the best ways to make New Year’s resolutions truly stick.
Verwelkte Herbstblätter

Herbst-Winter Blues

Die Herbst-Winter-Blues zählt zu den saisonal-abhängigen Depressionen (SAD). Die Symptome verschwinden oft erst mit dem Eintreffen des Frühlings. Hier erfahren Sie, was Sie dagegen tun können.