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AntiGravity® is what happens when Yoga grows wings. Decompressing, aligning, strengthening the muscles and allowing you to experience extraordinary sensations while you collect the health benefits of an active lifestyle.

Christopher Harrison founded AntiGravity as an entertainment company in the early 1990s. While AntiGravity proved highly beneficial for the entertainers, Harrison realized that other individuals would benefit from it as well. From there, he developed AntiGravity Yoga and Fitness classes, which are available at your Holmes Place Club.

This new generation of suspension fitnessmixes standard yoga philosophy and poses with components from calisthenics, Pilates, dance, aerial arts, and gymnastics. The fitness method allows you to reap the benefits of yoga without the stress or strain required to complete the same tasks on the floor. The principles of gravity enable participants to experience physical and mental decompression, allowing them to get in shape while having fun.

For yoga novices and anyone who’s unfamiliar with the world of trendy fitness, most likely AntiGravity seems terrifying, overwhelming, or even downright impossible. While it’s always intimidating walking into a new fitness class for the first time, most people find AntiGravity instructors very approachable, creating a relaxing, friendly environment to try a new fitness technique.

AntiGravity isn’t as hard as it looks

During an AntiGravity workout, you’ll complete crunches, push-ups, squats, front flips, and handstands, all while hanging upside down from the ceiling. To most beginner aerial athletes, these tasks sound frustratingly complicated or flat-out impossible. However, once you’re situated in the hammock properly, you’re fully secured. As long as you follow the instructor’s directions, you’ll be able to complete the tasks without any problems. In the beginning, you’ll be sore following the session, but over time, you’ll develop the muscles for AntiGravity.

It makes exercise more fun

Many workout classes and instructors are all about serious exercise. AntiGravity is intended to be a relaxing experience in which you smile, laugh, and have a good time during the class. Aerial aerobics help you feel good about yourself while forgetting about the anxieties and stresses of daily life.

It helps you mix up your routine

Whether you’re trying to mix up your exercise routine, relieve stress during the holiday season, or simply attempt something new, AntiGravity is a great option. Most people stick to their daily routines religiously with little variation from one month to the next. When you’re hanging upside down and concentrating on completing a front flip or a crunch, it’s hard to think about anything else. Hanging upside downalso allows blood to rush to your head, making you feel lighter, taller, and stronger when you’re finished with the session. These sensations can really change your perspective on life for the better.

AntiGravity offers multiple health benefits 

AntiGravity helps anyone with back issues. The opportunity to hang freely enables to the spine to lengthen, which is more effective than using an inversion table. AntiGravity also helps boost strength and flexibility and brings about a greater awareness of the body. This is beneficial for virtually every aspect of life.

Be inspired by Antigravity

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Posted in Fitness and tagged aerial yoga, fitness, workout, class, group class.