How to avoid last year's resolutions mistakes

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Make 2019 the year you stick to your goals - yes, even the loftiest ones. Here’s how to make habits stick for a happier, healthier you.

We’re all guilty of making new year’s resolutions and not sticking to them. You know the drill - you enter January on a fresh-start kick. The supermarkets are stocked to the brim with smoothie mixes and low-carb microwave meals and your friends are all opening gym memberships. That’s because the two most common new year’s resolutions are to eat healthier and lose weight.

So why, then - with such a collective determination to become fitter, healthier, happier versions of ourselves every year, do a whopping 8 out of 10 resolutions fail by February? Whether you really want to take your fitness to the next level or lose a few inches, heeding these principles can help make 2019 the year you finally live out those resolutions. 

Find here some easy changes for a healthier and happier year.

Get in a ‘move-more’ frame of mind

Wellness and exercise should become part of your daily routine. To do that you need to get your brain in the game - it’s more important than any part of your body when it comes to sticking to a workout plan. The moment you get out of bed, start with the intention to move more today and remind yourself throughout the day. Hop off the bus a stop earlier and walk the rest of the journey. Wander over to a workmate instead of emailing them a question. Make that stop at the gym after work part of your daily routine and it’ll soon become second-nature - no excuses necessary.

Focus on little triumphs

Don’t be under the illusion that you’ll conquer your a big fitness goals overnight - to get there you need to focus completing small challenges. They don’t need to be extravagant - simply taking the stairs instead of the lift everyday, or upping your weekly run from one mile to two can be a start. With so much emphasis (and false representations) on social media on overnight miracle changes, it’s important to remember that you can still transform your body with a couple of hours training every week - it’ll just take a little longer to see results. 

Say “should” less and “will” more

Frame your resolutions differently and you’ll have less chances of them failing. For a start, the word “should” is one loaded with guilt and shame. You should have salad for lunch, you should skip that glass of wine after work, you should go to the gym. As well as creating negativity around your new year’s resolutions, you’re also making them non-committal. Start saying you will go swimming, you will skip the wine and you will eat healthier - that way you’ll stay focussed and determined. 

Don’t overlook sleep

It’s often a neglected part of the puzzle, but it’s a crucial one when it comes to fitness. Sleeping prepares you for a more active and productive day ahead, resetting your body clock so you’re naturally rested and less likely to grab that milky coffee or sugary treat on the way to work. 

Eat well, feel well, move more. Find out how becoming a Holmes Place member can help you achieve your goals in 2019 and read our blog for a good dose of fitspiration for the year ahead and start by finding out how to set and commit to your New Year goals.

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Publicat a Lifestyle and tagged New Year, Resolutions, LIfestyle, Fitness, Nutrition.