Els nutricionistes de Holmes Place desenvolupen un pla basat en les teves condicions físiques, pes i preferències personals. Ells fan que seguir el pla sigui fàcil i gaudeixis d'una dieta saludable.


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Ultimate summer sunset playlist

It's time to live the days that make the best memories with the right summer soundtrack.
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Losing weight vs. losing inches: what should I aim for?

In the journey towards health and wellbeing setting the right goals is like selecting a destination. What should you aim for and why?
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FloatFit arriba a Holmes Place

FloatFit és la nova activitat en Holmes Place que t'ofereix una nova forma d'entrenament a la piscina.
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5 ways to treat yourself without wrecking your diet

There’s a thin line between treating yourself and going overboard, but it is possible to reward yourself with the foods you love without leading to weight gain.

The ultimate back-to-work workout plan

Here is the workout plan that will get you ready for an impressive return to work this September. Start today.
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How to Get the Perfect Abs - Fundamental Tips to Get you There

Straight to the core: learn how to target those abdominal muscles for a flat, toned stomach.