5 exercises that can literally save your life

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Exercise helps you live longer - that’s a fact. It cuts your cancer risk in two, reduces the chances of heart disease, strokes, Type 2 diabetes and lowers risk of an early death by up to 30%. Staying fit keeps your mind zippy, happy and stress-free, shrinking chances of depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease by flooding your body with feel-good endorphins.

But regular workouts do more than just keep you healthy - they can get you out of sticky situations too. Here are the best workouts that might just save your life someday:


Next time you lace up your running shoes, think about this. As well as lowering your risk from heart disease, strokes and certain cancers, being able to run can help you escape dangerous situations where fleeing is the only option or you need to sprint quickly to save someone else. Start out slow - do as little as 15 minutes a day five times a week if you’re a beginner and you’ll soon be able to run further and faster. No matter how busy you are, a few minutes a day for the astonishing benefits gained is a no-brainer.


The benefits of swimming are endless. Improved circulation, strengthened muscles, better sleep: this low-impact, high-energy workout is great for both body and mind. But it’s not just a smart activity thanks to its fitness gains - it’s a skill that saves lives. According to an American study, around 10 people die from drowning every day. Humans are not natural swimmers, but mastering the waters can be done without great difficulty. From butterfly to freestyle, breaststroke to backstroke, each style of swimming has its own advantages - all of them can save your life.

Martial arts and boxing

Never underestimate the power of self-defence. Martial arts and boxing will improve your stamina, reflexes, strength, balance and focus, but it can also save the day if you’re ever faced with a physical attacker. Equip yourself with the necessary self-defence skills by taking up a martial arts or boxing class - learn everything from how to throw a punch to the weakest areas to target. Regardless of your strength, size or build, knowing how to get out of common holds, attacks and restraints gives you a better chance to escape a violent situation unharmed.

Circuit training

One of the best ways to condition your body is by taking up a circuit training class, or creating a circuit in the gym. Not only is it the perfect boredom-buster for those who lose interest with exercise easily, it’s ideal for building the stamina and strength you can use in everyday life. Body weight exercises such as sit ups, pushups and squats train and build your muscles to reduce risk of injury and make day-to-day activities, such as lifting boxes and squatting to pick objects up easier. It can also help avoid painful falls by improving balance and flexibility.

Even when not facing life or death situations, exercises can definitely improve your life. An active lifestyle can actually be a great first step to make sure you are always feeling better than yesterday.

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