Ballet Flow at Holmes Place

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Ballet Flow Class | Holmes Place

What is Ballet Flow?

Ballet Flow is a 45 minute ballet inspired workout for all ages and levels working through a basic ballet structure with an element of fitness through conditioning work.

The class incorporates the basic moves from ballet ie Plies, Tendues, Releves and of course Port De Bras (carriage of the arms) as well as working into a a basic ballet combination with glissades and chases. Floor conditioning work is a part of the 'fitness' element to help work deeper into the legs, glutes and core muscles (abdominals and back).

There are many benefits from the work out which help with posture to alignment to help build strength through deep conditioning work to helping increase flexibility, joint mobility and spine mobility as well as a cardio section.

Other benefits are balance and co-ordination and also helps stimulate the mind and memory training.

By using options throughout the class it makes it accessable for all ages and needs as it's a low impact class focusing mainly on conditioning work. You dare to try it!

The class uses mix of music from latest artists to mood music so as participants are taken through not just a physical journey but also a musical journey.

Of course there is an element of fun in the cardio section when we can ‘let go’, enjoy the music and just dance!!”

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