BOX by Holmes Place: ¡New!

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A new kind of group training that includes different types of sessions based on high-intensity exercises and pure fun.

BOX: new training place by Holmes Place.

Keep reading in order find out all the details for each type of session that you'll find in here.


FIT BOX is an energetic and amusing activity where you will work out all your muscles to the rhythm of the latest music.

It is an activity of 45 minutes: a total of 15 minutes of stretching (initial and final) and about 30 minutes that alternate exercises with the punching bag and functional training.

At the beginning you will connect with your heart rate monitor to start counting the calories you burn during the session and confirm your levels of effort and performance.

With the help of a specialist trainer, you will combine boxing techniques with which you will improve your coordination and your aerobic capacity. There is no need to have previous knowledge of boxing. Just enjoy a new experience and give your best on a level 3 activity.


CROSS BOX is a session developed to be one of the most intense classes at Holmes Place (level 4), although suitable for all audiences.

Its goal is to be the Workout of the Day (WOD) and consists of the following phases: previous warm-up; learning and practicing of technique; 25 minutes of WOD with a competition for ranking of repetitions and, finally, the last stretches to finish the session ready to continue with your day.


The FUNCTIONAL BOX sessions are, in fact, a mixture of the two activities described above.

You will find exercises from both modalities: boxing and functional training, and you'll enjoy their benefits while training and learning new techniques. It's level 4!

Finally, there is also the TEEN BOX - aimed at children who also want to start experimenting with this kind of training, fully adapted to their needs and capacity.

The new BOX in Palacio de Hielo is more than an intense training. It is a space within the Club committed to reinforcing our idea of doing what you like, in the place you like and with the people you like.

Posted in Fitness and tagged Fitness, Alta Intensidad, Diversión.