Can Group Classes Get You into Shape? Find Out in Our Top FAQs

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What kind of group class is most effective to lose weight?

In order to lose weight you need to work on basic physical capacities and make necessary changes to your diet. High-intensity classes such as iCycle, Spartans or Warrior increase endurance and strength. Your caloric intake is directly affected when you do endurance work while strength training increases your basal metabolic expenditure in both the medium and long term. So it’s crucial to develop both.

There are special endurance classes such as iCycle, classes that focus on strength-building such as Body Pump, and others that combine both capabilities such as Spartans. These are good to mix together or do separately depending on the time and amount of days you have available to train. We recommend doing them on separate days for people that are just starting to work out.

Are group classes easier than exercising at the gym?

It depends on the level of challenge you decide to include in your routine. Group classes can seem easier as they’re more fun. Going to a place where you find people with similar interests, such as in yoga classes, and while training or swimming, is a way of feeling connected with others. This experience enriches our days. We get to know someone new and that could grow into a genuine friendship.

Pleasure is just one part of feeling happy but it is a huge one. And studies show that after you complete your training and you’ve really sweated and felt physically tired, your brain will give you a reward. Exercise can trigger the brain’s pleasure circuit and release endorphins that make you feel good and produce a euphoric feeling.

Can group classes help me reduce stress?

Yes. Taking up yoga, Pilates or even swimming can make your brain learn how to pause. When you get to a place where you can control your thoughts and ease the rush, you truly learn how to appreciate the moment and reach a state of peaceful happiness. But the same kind of bliss can be experienced after an hour of dancing and laughing with Zumba or Euphoria. For others, pushing it to the limit with the best competition is a great way to decompress, such as in Spartans or Warrior classes.

What are the best classes for beginners?

Zumba: It’s an amazing and fun class based on Latin rhythms such as salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, samba along with elements of belly dancing and hip-hop. If you like to dance, this is your best choice. You won’t notice how much exercise you’re doing while you’re having fun.

The iCycle class is a calorie killer. The interval training, the music, the rhythm and all of the class energy turn into an indoor cycling revolution. In an iCycle class you can count on a fun, safe and complete workout. And the best part is you can start with your own rhythm and increase the challenges as you progress.

Activate is a cheerful total body conditioning class. Take one of the fun and enjoyable 30-minute dance and fitness class, alternating cardio workout with strength training.

If amazing legs are what you want, MIB is your best choice. The Brazilian workout for glutes and legs in a 30-minute format focusses on these common trouble areas. MIB classes tone and strengthen the lower body in a fun and fast way.

Yoga and Pilates are amazing. Try yoga, the practice that unites body and mind, to enjoy perfect equilibrium and continuous progress or Pilates exercises are intended to strengthen and stretch the muscles throughout the body. Find the balance of the body and mind at your own pace. These exercises develop coordination, strength, balance, flexibility and breathing techniques.

What kind is best for toning the lower body?

While the term "toning" is not quite accurate, we use it colloquially to describe the goal of "hardening the muscles." Strength training methods have to be practiced to achieve this goal.

Strength-Endurance is the focus in these classes, due to the fact that while the muscle mass built up is not very pronounced, it is still necessary for it to happen. It can reduce your fat percentage and shed centimetres from your figure in spite of increasing muscle mass. Classes that work on those specific areas will produce the best results, such as Made in Brazil, AirFit, iCycle and our Express classes focussing on buttocks and legs.

Can I achieve optimum fitness only going to group classes?

Of course you can. Variety and perseverance in your training are the keys to achieve the level of fitness you’re aiming for. Nowadays there are a variety of classes divided into three major groups: cardio, toning and mind/body. Endurance, strength and flexibility are three basic physical skills that must be worked on to stay in shape, all of which are present in group classes. What’s really important is knowing how to combine these and to plan for them correctly. It’s necessary to perform an initial assessment of your physical condition and technique. A professional trainer can design a proper plan for each person based on this information.

What kinds of classes are best to improve my posture?

Classes such as Pilates, Yoga, Antigravity or Ballet Flow will help you obtain a better posture and tone postural muscles.This type of class will allow you to understand and control the incorrect postures we’ve developed from sitting down all day. These harmful positions shorten muscle chains which alter our posture and ultimately lead to injuries in the long run. These classes promote returning to our natural postures that we have lost in our modern world, increasing overall wellbeing and reducing pain.

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