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ENTRENA2 is a challenge that accompanies you in your training routine to reward the desire you have to improve every day and the constancy of a healthy lifestyle.

What does it consist of?

ENTRENA2 program is a challenge that we propose now that you are one of ours. It is a training program in which you get a control sheet so you can complete the following challenge: 2x WEEK in 10 WEEKS

Meaning: train in your Club 2 days a week for 10 weeks, and get a gift.

How do we carry it out?

ENTRENA2 program in 5 steps:

  1. As a new member of Holmes Place, you receive the ENTRENA2 control card, and we will explain in detail what the challenge is and how the program works.
  2. You must keep the control card and bring it with you to the Club every time you come to train.
  3. At your visit, you will show the card in Reception or to the Member Inspiration. They will seal the card that day and validate it with your member ID number.
  4. You just have to continue with this routine to get to seal all the boxes on the card.
  5. When you complete the challenge, you will receive a prize, which is usually a shirt (or similar product). The Sales Manager or the Club Manager will give you the prize and, thus, you can briefly comment on your progress.

We want you to be more motivated and practice sports on a regular basis. With our program and the support received in the Club, you will feel accompanied on this path to turn this healthy habit into your routine.

Goals of ENTRENA2?

  • Motivate the partners to be constant in their training so that it ends up becoming a routine that leads them to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Guide our partners in their training with a simple tab that will help them to have clear control of their training and progress.
  • Propose ambitious but achievable objectives to the partners so that they face a challenge that supposes a personal improvement and, at the same time, they see their daily progress.
  • Offer a reward that is really useful and interesting so that our partners feel they are valued and appreciated.
  • Get our members to enjoy the sport from their very first day at the Club, so they associate it with a happy and beneficial practice, never a problem or sacrifice.
  • Create personal bonds beyond the practice of sport, reaching a relationship of trust and support between Holmes Place staff and our partners.

More details of ENTRENA2

The idea of ENTRENA2 is to facilitate the practice of sport as a routine, in no case create an obligation that poses a problem.

In case you are not fulfilling the program, we always try to contact you to talk and try to get it.

For us, fitness is a lifestyle, not an obligation, so we love to make it enjoyable and appealing. We know that dedication and effort are essential to improve day by day and achieve new purposes, but we believe that this does not mean to stop enjoying the sport.

You have the power to decide how you face what is going on in your life and we want to help you to be positive, adopt new habits and establish a healthy and beneficial routine for your life.

ENTRENA2 motivates and accompanies you to get further. We seal the visits to a card so that it is clear. Then, you can easily commit yourself and our staff guides you weekly in a personalized way.

ENTRENA2 is a training and loyalty program; One more way to tell our partners that we care about them.

Posted in Fitness and tagged Fitness, Fidelización, Progreso.