Hiit Training - What it is and how it works

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Entrenamiento funcional HiiT | Holmes Place

In the last years, functional training has become a trend and get more and more users of this type of activity.

To understand this phenomenon, the first thing we need to know is:

What is functional entreitenement?

It's a workout, defined colloquially, based on achieving a specific goal emulating movements made in our daily life and sports, in order to improve our quality of life and reduce the chances of injury by some gesture or movement to which we aren't adapted.

Based on its definition we can understand that, not only it's a training that helps us get fit, but helps us improve our performance on a day-to-day basis. From gaining resistance when climbing stairs, taking the purchase home or being able to enjoy an activity with a higher level of effort. At the same time, we see that it enjoys a very broad degree of adaptability, since there is practically no profile to which a personalized program should not or can not be prescribed.

Practicing this type of training will improve strength, endurance and we will even notice an increase in agility and flexibility.

If you are considering trying it, my first recommendation is that you consult a qualified professional to guide you in your first steps, since, seen from outside, they seem very simple movements to execute but the reality is that the technique is complex and if you do not perform correctly the results will not be the same.

In addition, this type of training can focus on different objectives, such as weight loss, improving performance or gain muscle mass.

Another alternative is to work with one's own personal weight and / or with some portable implements, by which a functional training program can be carried out at any time and place without the need for high-cost machinery.

Unlike other types of training, the functional is based on movements that involve muscle chains and large muscle groups. Thanks to this the energy expenditure increases, so if your goal is aesthetic, you will achieve more results in less time.

As we explained above, a functional training plan can be adapted to different types of people, so there are no generic exercises to apply to everyone. Depending on the state of form, whether or not there is any type of injury or pathology and the objective sought, we can propose basic exercise progressions such as a squat or a dominated one, which end up turning into real physical challenges.

To show how to apply everything we have seen before, we will propose a workout for a profile that want to start:

  • We will start with a warming of about 10 minutes to progressively increase body temperature and pulsations, for this we will start with joint mobility and making a few minutes on tape or elliptical.

Once the warm-up is finished, we will propose a session inspired by the HIIT protocols.

  • We will perform 5 rounds of Squat, Push Up, Alternating Lunge, Front Plank and Rowing (cardiovascular machine). We will work for 20 seconds each exercise, trying to do the maximum number of repetitions in that time, and we will have 10 seconds of rest / transition to the next exercise.

When we complete the circuit we will not stop suddenly but we will look for a soft descent of pulsations through 5-10 minutes of cycling.

It is important to emphasize that, if we want to obtain results, in addition to a good training schedule, you must maintain good eating habits and ensure sufficient hours of daily rest, as well as rest between training sessions. For this, do not forget that the best option is to consult a professional of physical activity and sports.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged HiiT, Lose weight, Workout, Performance.