Workout at the beach

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¿Holidays? Here you have the best workout at the beach.

Summer is here and going away on holidays usually makes training at the Club impossible. Unless you’re going to a city where you can enjoy a Holmes Place Club. But even if you are not leaving the city, and just heading out for a day at the beach, fitting the gym-hour in the schedule could be tricky. 

If you do make it to the club, there are benefits to rip that make the trip very worthwhile. See here all the reasons why you shouldn’t ditch the Club during summer. If you can’t make it, don’t stress. We’ve prepared a body weight based workout that offers a full-body training on the go, that you can take with you to the beach.

This exercise plan can be tweaked and adapted to your goals and overall fitness level. Increase the number of repetitions per exercise or repeat all and increase the number of sets as you see fit. Keeping active and strong during your summer break will make getting back to the routine that much easier and at the same time you’ll enjoy the extra free time with activities you can do with your friends and family. 

1 set includes:

Lunge Jump x 15

Squat Jump x15

Scissor Jump Plan x 20

Plank Twist Kick x 20

Pointer x20

Push-ups x15

One leg reverse plank bridge x20


Repeat the sets according to your fitness level and the challenge you desire. 

Posted in Fitness and tagged Summer, Beach, Workout.