Euphoria: the new Holmes Place dance class

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Clase de Euphoria | Gimnasios Holmes Place

Your heart rate increases, you laugh and swirl and slide and somehow your body interprets as a workout what your brain considered to be pure fun. This is Euphoria.

For so many people physical fitness and exercise can be a chore in their schedules. An imposition they just need to cross form the daily checklist to get it out of the way. Fortunately not everyone thinks exercise is a painful routine to get done and over with – and at Holmes Place we are actually in the business of making fitness enjoyable. 

That is how Euphoria is born. This is a special dance fitness workout that combines several music styles in a 45-minute class. Inclusive, fun, progressive, exciting, accessible and electrifying, this is the class that you’ll be looking forward for.  

10 songs will keep the pace and the interest high and you can expect new challenges with new choreographies being developed specially for the class every three months. A perfect mix of challenge and predictability that works on cardio, coordination and balance, improving overall fitness while breaking a sweat. 

It’s time to get into the rhythm and meet the place where fitness meets fun.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Group Classes, Dance, Exercise, Fun, Euphoria.