XPRESS CLASSES 15" at Holmes Place

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Clase Xpress ABS | Holmes Place

Holmes Place present the new Xpress Classes! Get ready to try 15 minutes of a fast, fun and effective workout.

And why only 15 minutes?

Because shorter classes are fantastic for you. Not only because sometimes you have limited time, but as well if you’re an experienced participant that wants to have an option available that allows you to keep consistency in your routine. Come into the club, break a sweat and be ready to get out in less than the traditional one hour.

If you are not a member and you want to come and spend a day at the club and enjoy the new Xpress Classes, we invite you! Get your invitation here.

Xpress Classes at Holmes Place Spain. Discover them!


Fast, fun and effective: Enjoy our ABS Xpress Class.

Get ready to try 15 minutes of fast, fun and effective training.

Try this Xpress Class and reinforce your abdomen and back with these exercises, 100% effective!


Improve the technical skills that facilitate your daily activities.

Xpress Class Circuit is a circuit workout that allows you to train with agility ladders, medicine balls, kettlebells and battling ropes by blending High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and Functional Training, which focuses on movement rather than muscles, and results in improving your overall fitness.


Rejuvenation, release, renewal and recovery.

Experience self-massage using a roller and a mini-roller to reduce muscular tension and pain. The muscles and fascia can be manipulated to increase their elasticity with the application of the compression and friction techniques such as the ones the Xpress Roller enforces. Among many other things, this Xpress Class will help muscle regeneration, improve your quality of movement and contribute to physical and psychological well-being.


Training with different weights and intensities using Sandbells.

In this class, participants will train with a sandbell, a simple yet highly versatile weight that you can throw and catch like a medicine ball, swing like a kettlebell, and also slam around. This workout is a mix between High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Functional Training, which focusses on movement rather than building muscle, so the main goal of this class is to improve the participant’s fitness condition.

You can now try the Xpress Classes in all Holmes Place clubs! Click here and get your two-day invitation.

Posted in Fitness and tagged Xpress Classes, HiiT, Workout, Massage, Functional.