Special Workout: A pool workout

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If you are used to having a full-body circuit workout at your club using machines it’s time for a rethink. Like most people who use a gym, this is the place most people are comfortable with working out and most think of the pool as a place to swim. But there are plenty of exercises you can do at the pool by yourself that have the benefit of being low-impact. Time to switch up your routine!

Our ‘map’ helps you to use your pool time effectively. With this exercise routine you don’t need to stick to the machines to get a full workout that meets your needs, sculpts your body and allows you to enjoy your training.

Adjust the amount of repetitions and intensity to your goals and keep it challenging enough.

Bicycle – 10 minutes

Rest your elbows and pedal as you would on a bike.

Triceps dips – 15 repetitions

Remain in the initial position to push yourself out of the water and slowly and in a controlled fashion submerge once again.

Jumping jacks – 15 repetitions

These will increase the fun you have while you workout. Try not to touch the bottom of the pool for the complete Jack to increase the challenge.

Double leg lift – 5/10 repetitions

Using the edge of the pool to support your arms and back bring your legs upwards in a straight motion.

Flutter kick – 15 repetitions

Grab the edge of the pool with your hands and push-kick backwards. Avoid splashing as resistance increases when you keep your legs submerged.

Otter roll – 5 repetitions both sides

Hold a beach ball to keep you floating while you swirl underwater. Spin back up and roll to the other side.

Tire runs

Underwater high knee running will have you fighting the water. Keep your pace.

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