The Top Six Fitness Gadgets and Wearables

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As you weigh varying fitness wristbands and smartwatches, consider the following top five fitness gadgets and wearables.

Garmin VivoSmart

The Garmin VivoSmart Activity Tracker offers the ideal combination of activity tracking tools and extended battery life. The premium tracker records varying activity from sleep time to swimming while the “Smart Notifications” displays incoming calls, texts and emails. The subtle OLED screen displays extensive data including date, time, and common activity tracker metrics such as calories and distance traveled. You can pair the Garmin VivoSmart with smartphones and heart and bicycle sensors to log heart rate and bike speed. You can also set goals and compete with friends to earn virtual badges.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitbit advertises the Fitbit Blaze as the “smart fitness watch.” It documents all of the standard activity parameters including sleep, steps, heart rate and floors climbed. The multi-sport function tracks workout specific metrics including running, cross-training, cardio workouts and biking. The Blaze automatically differentiates exercise from regular walking. The PurePulse monitors heart rate continuously with no cumbersome chest straps. Use SmartTrack to record your workouts with ease or enable the Connected GPS to map your routes and view stats such as duration and pace. You can also select a FitStar workout for step-by-step instructions and graphics.

Pivotal Living Band

With a $12 annual subscription price, Pivotal Living is one of the most affordable fitness bands on the market. It boasts the same metrics as a Fitbit including step count, distance, sleep quality, and calorie burn and has an impressive two week battery life. The band features a small screen for easy time and metrics checks. The companion app also tracks hydration and nutrition. Each year you renew your Pivotal subscription, the company sends you a new band, ensuring you always have up-to-date technology. For another $40, you'll get a smart scale to measure BMI, body mass and weight for a full digital health management system.

Runtastic Moment

If you've been wary of purchasing a fitness wearable because you don't want to sport a plain band on your wrist, the Runtastic Moment is a great option. Runtastic Moment is the ultimate women's fitness piece with varying styles and sizes to suit every taste and all of the fitness tracking features you need including calories, distance, steps and sleep. The analog watch face features a progress bar and LED light that syncs with the phone to provide up-to-date activity stats. Choose from classic, sporty and funky styles, none of which require charging.

Polar A360

The Polar team developed their state-of-the-art heart rate monitor in house. It relies on optical technology for a highly accurate beats-per-minute count. The Polar A360 also offers the other standard activity trackers including calories, sleep, distance, steps and workouts. In contrast to many top notch heart monitors, the Polar A360 is a stylish wearable with a touchscreen, attractive interchangeable straps, and a waterproof stainless steel casing. The band works with Polar's own Flow health and fitness management service to offer training advice and guidance.

Holmes Place Fitbug

We saved the best for last with your own Holmes Place gadget: the Fitbug. With this wristband you can track your performance and wellbeing all the time with a wrist companion that does what others don’t. While most gadgets track the amount of steps you take or how long you work out, the Fitbug technology helps you track rest periods to understand what is happening regarding nutrition and sleep. From calorie counting to monitoring sleeping hours, the FitBug is a complete gadget.

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