Top fitness trends to look forward to in 2019

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New year, new trends: what’s shaping up the fitness world over the coming year - and beyond? Mental fitness, multi-function equipment and next-gen tech all make the list

When you’re bombarded with realms of information on the best classes, coolest equipment and must-have protein shakes, it can be difficult to decide what’s best for you.

There’s a difference between a flash-in-the-pan bandwagon and a genuinely effective step forward in the fitness world. As another year rolls around, we look forward to a host of exciting new fitness trends popping up. Let’s separate the fads from the game-changers so you can embrace only the best.

1. Multi-function machines

Weights or cardio? Weights then cardio? How about weights and cardio, at the same time? Look out for equipment to come to the workout market that offers resistance and cardio, all on the same machine. Busy bees are sure to be big fans - these nifty bits of equipment save time, space and money. What are the best machines for your goals? Calorie burn or energy boosting.

2. Mindfulness wearables

The idea of being present has been around for centuries, but it’s only in recent years we’re realising just how dangerous stress can be to our bodies. Increasingly brilliant apps such as Calm to Headspace have been on the rise this year, but another intriguing trend is emerging: mental health wearables. Just as you’d measure your heart rate, calories burned, steps or standing time with a fitness wearable, these clever bits of tech can track your mental status. For example, when we breathe shallowly, it’s often a sign of anxiety - knowing this can help you improve your emotional and physiological state and boost fitness performance. 

3. Yoga, reinvented

The ancient practice is never going away, but it’s constantly reinventing itself - which means it’s still in a top spot for fitness trends in 2019. From hot yoga to power yoga, Bikram to Iyengar - the forever-refreshed workout does wonders for the body and mind. Find out more about yoga and our yoga classes to see why it’s far from a fad and how it can help you achieve your goals.

4. Virtual reality workouts

TV screens and loud music have always stopped us from throwing in the towel due to boredom when working out. Now there’s a new kind of kick - virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) workouts. Tone up and slim down in entirely different worlds, with images superimposed onto your field of view. The way the technology is developing and expanding, there’s a good chance more gyms and health clubs will be adopting it. Sooner or later, you may well be rowing down the ancient Nile or Zumba-ing on the moon.

5. More than a gym

Gyms as we know them are constantly evolving. Fitness enthusiasts want more from their clubs: luxurious services such as spa therapies, saunas, Turkish baths, jacuzzis and other upmarket offerings that offer a well-rounded wellness experience. Low-cost gym and basic equipment is slowly being pushed out for cutting-edge classes, high-tech machines and active communities. It’s not just about exercise - read more about the perks of joining a fitness club instead of a regular gym in our guide. 

6. Easier access to personal trainers

It’s been a top trend for a long time, but working one-on-one with a qualified fitness professional is one of the most popular ways to reach goals and stick to an exercise regime. Personal trainers not only keep you motivated, they train you correctly to prevent injuries and create custom workout plans - because one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to fitness. 

Want to move forward with your fitness in 2019? Find out what Holmes Place personal trainers can do for you and read our blog for more health, workout and wellness trends untapped

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