Top Movies to Inspire You to Get Active!

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Sitting in a darkened theater watching a movie and eating buttered popcorn is not exactly the most wholesome activity, but for many of us it’s a part of our leisure-time regime. Movies, that is — the buttered popcorn... well, all things in moderation.
Some movies are more motivational than others. When you want to relax with great cinema, check out these action movies that can inspire you to get moving, too!


We all love a great dance movie. There’s something for everyone: drama, humor, romance, the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat — all in 90 minutes’ worth of music and movement. Here are 3 dance movies that, at the very least, will get your toes tapping:
• Flashdance (1983) — An entire generation of girls wore their torn sweatshirts off-the-shoulder after watching this movie. Young girl is a welder by day, exotic dancer by night, and dreams of being accepted into a prestigious New York ballet school. What could go wrong?
• High Strung (2016) — Hip-hop violinist meets classical ballet dancer, and the disparities and similarities of their worlds bring them together in love and dance.
• Honey 3 (2016) — College drop-out stages hip-hop version of Romeo and Juliet, but the cast stages its own Montague vs. Capulet rivalry that threatens the production.


Men often scorn any movie plot that focuses on women’s fitness, but women are fairly tolerant when it comes to male sports in films.
• McFarland USA (2015) — Loser football coach loses his job and finds a new purpose: developing a high school cross-country running team in one of the poorest cities in the USA.
• Race (2016) – The double entendre here is that US runner Jesse Owens not only challenges other 1936 Olympic runners, he also battles Adolf Hitler’s view of white supremacy in Nazi Germany.

Chick Flicks

Women are definitely not the weaker sex in today’s movies. Here are two that may get you out of your chair and working out for real!
• Ghostbusters (2016) – Four unlikely women (two paranormalists, a nuclear scientist and a New York City subway employee) band together to battle an out-of-this-world threat.
• GI Jane (1997) – A woman is part of a study to see if females can become US Navy SEALs. The punitive training routine has a 60% dropout rate for men, so no one expects her to succeed. A buzz-headed, hardbodied Demi Moore stars as Lieutenant Jordan O’Neill, SEAL-in-training.

Workout DVDs

You can simulate the energy of a workout class in the privacy of your own home with these exercise videos:
• Autumn Calabrese’s 21-Day Fix — “I slimmed down and toned up... in literally 21 days,” says one enthusiastic reviewer. Other reviews were not quite so enthusiastic but this program remains an Amazon top-seller. Includes a diet plan and 2 DVDs.
• Zumba Fitness Incredible Slim Down — High-energy bursts and dancing with Zumba Max make for a calorie-burning workout. Comes with recipes, workout planner, and cute “Sole Control” sneaker wraps.

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