Your ultimate Made in Brazil rhythms

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Made in Brazil is a high intensity 30-minute group class that focuses on strengthening the muscles of the bottom, belly and legs. To keep up the intensity with a fun mood we trust in the best selection of right tunes. In this upbeat and challenging class, you can choose to strap weights to your exercises to push it up a notch.

The choreography and movements result in a complete combination of aerobics, ground exercises and dance. In this Holmes Place signature class, you’ll be able to tone and strengthen your muscles while you work on your endurance and burn an average of 250 calories in just half an hour.

Inspiration, motivation and the will to keep pushing is what you’ll find in these tracks that can help you take the mood of the Made in Brazil class right to your living room or outdoors. It’s time to enjoy the rhythms.

Enjoy our playlists!

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