FloatFit arrives at Holmes Place

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Nueva clase de Float Fit | Holmes Place

FloatFit is the new group class at Holmes Place that brings fitness to the swimming pool.


In just 30 minutes of this high-intensity class, the common burpee, plank, lunge and squat take on new forms in the most daring way possible. It also offers incredible exercises exclusive to this way of training, such as aqua-climbers. Come and discover this activity

How does it work?

Barefoot and wearing gym clothes, you’ll board your own AquaBase floating water mattress. This will be your personal gym space throughout the entire class. You’ll manoeuvre, control and adjust it to keep your balance and stay afloat. This is a class to be enjoyed to its fullest. Don’t take it too seriously, as ending up in the water is a definite possibility!

Pick up a towel and join the group in this high-intensity, 30-minute workout that offers cross training mixed with loads of fun.

The constant need to keep your balance on the unstable AquaBase will

increase your sense of self-positioning (also known as proprioception) and help keep the class challenging at all times. Overall this is a low-impact performance class that is easy on your joints and bones but that also requires some cardio and muscle strength.

Push, pull, turn and float; this is the chance to try an unusual but effective exercise that’s always refreshing, no matter how hard it gets.

Remember: you can always end with a splash!

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Only available in the following clubs: Balmes, Urquinaona, Les Corts, Can Dragó, Granada y Paterna.

Posted in Lifestyle, Fitness and tagged Classes, Water, Exercises, Floatfit.