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In today's society many of us use food to carry our feelings.

In many occasions we do not eat for "real hungry" but for entertaining, for disconnecting or for relaxing. We confuse food with an option of enjoyment and release of tension. This is known as "emotional hungry" and symbolizes an attachment to certain foods with which we have become accustomed to managing emotions such as sadness, anger ... These foods are normally sugary, high in fat, salt and with a concrete texture. They are usually crisp, mousse-like and have at some point stimulated our brain as a reward.

How to differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger?

Real hungry:

  • It appears gradually.
  • You can wait to eat.
  • You would eat anything, you do not care what, normally craving for health.
  • Related to the schedules.
  • You control what you eat.
  • Pay attention (flavors, texture, aroma...)
  • There is no feeling of guilt.
  • You feel satisfied

Emotional hungry:

  • It appears suddenly.
  • You want to eat now
  • Appeal of specific and palatable foods (calories, sugar, fats...)
  • Not related to the schedules.
  • You do not control what you eat.
  • Do not pay attention (lack of enjoyment of what you eat)
  • Feelings of guilt.
  • Excessively full

How to fight emotional hungry:

  • At the time of eating, identify 1-10 what level of hunger you have.
  • Sleep at least 8 hours
  • Avoid drinks with theina or caffeine.
  • Do physical activity and look for a space for yourself.
  • Share your feelings, it will help you relieve your tension.
  • Eat healthy and slowly.
  • To alleviate emotional hunger, the best foods are: cockles, pickles, nuts without frying and salt, dried fruit, popcorn in pan with extra virgin olive oil, yogurt or kefir.

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