How to beat the September blues and get back into a post-summer workout routine

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So you worked hard shredding your body ready for bikini season then fell out of your routine during the long summer holidays? You’re not alone. Balmy summer evenings and the warmer weather make it all too easy easy to overindulge; an impromptu BBQ here, a few gin and tonics there are all it takes to stack up against your hard work.

We urge you to embrace September and make it your time to get back into a routine.

Why? The gyms are quieter, the kids are back to school and the build up to Christmas hasn’t got underway. Here’s how:

Create a new playlist

First things first. Being in the zone means more energy and more results. Fact. You can perform up to 10% better with music! According to research, listening to music such as Eminem can increase performance and endurance. Plus, it distracts you from feeling the pain.

If you have burned through all of Spotify’s workout playlists and are in need of some musical inspiration, TimeOut has recently published the top 50 workout songs to get you planning your soundtrack to autumn right now! Come on now, let’s Push It.

Try something new

You are never too old to stop learning. Take advantage of the back-to-school vibe and be inspired to take up something new. As well as being good for your body, learning something new is good for your mind. Here are the benefits:

• Improves your fitness level
• Increases your confidence
• Meet new people
• Improves agility, coordination
• Expands your horizons

Does your social life need a refresh? Try a new group class. Are you aiming towards a first triathalon? Swimming lessons will help you hone your technique. Always fancied group cycling but have felt too intimidated? Whatever it is, unleash it this September and book into an introductory class to find out if it is the right thing for you.

Use weights to sculpt

Weight training is perfect for sculpting your body. If you want to be looking great ready for the party at the end of the year, now is the time to start. It really takes your fitness to the next level. Only two out of five women use weights in their routine but Women’s Health Mag finds that women who included weights in their workout lost up to 40% more fat. What are you waiting for?

Make a date with yourself

Decide what is realistic, start slow and get the time booked into your diary. It’s true that people who stick to their routines the most, schedule them, like they would any other appointment. After three weeks of regular exercise your body will get back into the swing of things.

Look ahead to Christmas

Summer is not the only time to show some flesh. Think of all those festive parties, and that short, sequinned number hiding away in the back of your closet. If you want to look, and feel great by December, start right now. Visualise how you want to look and feel in three months time and then give your body that gift of getting to that place.

Match your diet to your routine

Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with a workout routine. Plus our bodies need additional nutrition as summer comes to an end. Pack in the (lean) protein, up your intake of fresh vegetables and keep processed food, sugar and dairy to a minimum. Instagram is the place to go for some foodspiration. Check out The Huffington Post’s round up of the best healthy food Instagrammers or just use #healthyfood and explore.

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