Meditation to warm your days

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If you think meditation is just for monks high up on a mountainside, think again! Anyone can practise meditation, and it is great for women's health, both physical and mental. Read on to learn how you can incorporate meditation into your daily routine.

Get Comfortable

The first step is to find a location where you can be completely comfortable and relaxed. Every person is different, so this may be sitting up in your favourite lounge chair, holding a yoga resting pose, or even lying down. Find a position that is comfortable for you. After all, it can be difficult to clear your mind if you are constantly focused on a twinge in your lower back or if your foot keeps falling asleep.

Focus on Your Breath

Once you have gotten comfortable, try to clear all thoughts from your mind and focus solely on your breathing. Every time your mind wanders down a new train of thought (trust us, it will wander), simply remind yourself to let that thought go and refocus on your breathing. The goal here is not to be completely devoid of thought, but rather to maintain focus on one specific thought, in this case, your breath. It may seem difficult at first, but as with all aspects of women's health, it will get easier the more you practice it.

Practice Regularly

Don't expect to be an expert at meditation overnight. Like any skill, it does take practice. Start with just a few minutes and work your way up from there. While your mind will wander frequently at first, the more you meditate, the easier it will become for you to maintain your focus and the longer you will be able to hold it.

Try to do it every day whenever is convenient for you. Morning is a great time to start because it helps you clear your mind so that you are ready to take on your day. Morning meditation can also help to minimise your stress levels throughout the day. The evening is another great option because it can help you to relax and get ready for bed. This is a great choice for those who often have difficulty falling asleep.

A Warming Meditation for Cold Winter Days

Once you have gotten the hang of basic, breath-focused meditation, you're ready to try something a bit more challenging. As we head into the cold days of winter, a warming meditation can help you push through until the warm weather returns. Start by focusing on your breath as you always do to get your mind cleared and ready.

Imagine yourself in a location that you love in the outdoors, like a sandy beach or a field full of flowers. Imagine the sun on your bare skin, and really feel the warm rays as they pass over your body. Feel the warmth as it penetrates throughout your body. Any time your mind wanders away from that warm feeling, just guide it back gently to the warmth of the sun. Hold on to that warm feeling for an effect that will warm your entire body from the inside, out.

Posted in Wellness