Swimming Playlist

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Dive into the mood

Swimming has amazing benefits: it will improve breathing skills, coordination, flexibility and strength. Swimming is often considered to be the most complete form of exercise, and it’s also a source of pleasure.

A workout in water blitzes calories (around 500 per hour), boosts your metabolism and builds muscle. Plus, it doesn’t put any stress on your joints. Want to feel stronger and fitter, burn the fat and tone up, all at the same time? Then head straight to the swimming pool.

To help you enjoy and keep the pace of your swimming time this is our special playlist.

Get your waterproof headphones ready and dive into the mood.

One thing to remember? Recovery is key post-swim. You’ll most likely feel ravenous so to kickstart your recovery, eat something healthy within one hour of your workout.

Ideally, your body needs essential nutrients to aid the growth and repair process so the best snacks to indulge in are protein-heavy with carbohydrate too. Protein helps prevent muscle soreness and provides key amino acids for growth and repair. While some people try to avoid carbs, they are your main fuel source - and you’ll need refueling post-workout. And our special playlist can also keep you company there.

Posted in Wellness