Ten healthy choices you have to make today

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Does your motivation to stay healthy falter from time to time? There’s no denying it can be tough, especially when a bad day at work or a special occasion throws everything into chaos - but there’s plenty of simple swaps that can keep you on the straight and narrow. Start with these ten healthy choices today and you’ll never look back…

1. Never shop on an empty stomach: This is a golden rule to live by - go to the supermarket hungry and you’ll end up with all manners of things in your trolley that you would usually avoid. Plan your weekly dash post-meal, that way you’ll shop wisely (and spend less).

2. Choose wholegrain over white: Whether it’s bread, pasta or rice, opt for wholegrain every time. It tastes just as good (if not better, in our humble opinion) and it’s better for you - packed with antioxidants, fibre and nutrients lacking in white versions.

3. Swap the lift for the stairs: It’s a simple choice and one you’ve probably heard time and time again...so go for it. Get your body moving that extra bit more and burn more calories while you’re at it. You’ll thank us later.

4. Ditch flat roads in favour of incline training: Routinely pounding the pavements? Jazz up your workout routine, by heading to the treadmill. Crank up the incline and start working - you’ll really feel your muscles working. Plus, you’ll burn extra calories and increase leg strength - it’s a win - win.

5. Forget driving - choose running or cycling: While your car may offer cosy comfort and gets you from A to B as quick as a flash, it’s time to leave it on your driveway. Running or cycling to work not only saves you petrol money, it adds extra minutes onto your weekly fitness quota, gets you outdoors and gives you an endorphin boost (always welcome on a weekday morning).

6. Don’t reach for comfort food, meditate instead: A stressful day brings on cravings for a large glass of red and a full tub of ice cream. Don’t submit to them - relax with five minutes of meditation instead. Put on a peaceful playlist, dim the lights and clear your mind - you’ll feel like a new person.

7. Become a culinary queen: Ok, you don’t have to whip up a gourmet meal every evening, but cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients is a life skill worth sticking to. Ready meals and sauces are often packed with hidden sugar and calories you may not even realise you’re consuming.

8. Top your toast with avocado rather than butter: As much as we all love to indulge in a chunky slice of toast slathered in melted butter, it’s not doing our diet any favours. Instead, top with fresh avocado - mash it with a dash of lime juice and fresh chilli for a truly tasty topping.

9. Go for a no-frills caffeine fix: Can’t kickstart your morning without a fresh cup of tea or coffee? Cut your Starbucks addiction and opt for a black tea or coffee. Not only will you dump the calories, you’ll save you pennies too.

10. Say no to cider: While ditching alcohol completely can have a huge effect on your health, it’s not always easy. Instead, make a small change, sticking to slimming alcoholic beverages such as vodka - to keep calories and sugar at bay.

Posted in Wellness